Wednesday Assorted Links

1. Trende on the value of data journalism

2. Is a saboteur working in Hillary’s campaign? There’s quite a bit of evidence for it, none conclusive.

3. Remember, folks -there is no “blue wall” Trump can’t penetrate

4. Federal officials estimate that the district’s new consolidated middle school will enroll 692 students, 71 percent of whom will be black and 26 percent of whom will be white. In 2015, Cleveland’s D.M. Smith Middle School had 248 students, 99.6 of whom were African American. Margaret Green Middle School enrolled more than twice as many students; 51 percent of them were African American and 43 percent were white.

This, folks, is what is called in the MSM “desegregation”.

5. Trump sits beside fire for writing down tweets (the Onion)

6. After Adelson’s endorsement, Romney, champion of the donor class, gives up

7. The false claim of Neocon consensus

8. Trump’s Supreme Court Picks: Table of Origins and Schools

9. Sumner on Russia’s recession. I pointed this out to him long ago.

10. Should there be a right to a limited education (“right to a limited workweek”)?

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Assorted Links”

    1. Well, NYT commenters never bought into the claims of the neocons/”liberal interventionists” -reminded them too much of Bush and the Iraq War. Maybe Vietnam, as well. They’re right to have suspicions, of course- “Syria is just one arena where Mr. Putin’s obsessive quest to make Russia great again has fueled instability and reawakened political suspicions and animosities that faded after the fall of the Soviet Union.”

      is clearly nonsense.

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