1. In 2008, Bernie Sanders was the Senator furthest to the Left on DW-Nominate’s first dimension. In 2008, Ron Paul was the representative furthest to the Right on DW-Nominate’s first dimension.

2. Both would have won had only those under 25 been allowed to vote.

3. Both disproportionately appealed to men.

4. Both never had a chance of winning, and didn’t really try to win.

5. Both stayed in the race way longer than anyone wanted them to.

6. Both were in their 70s when they ran for President.

7. Both were against the Wall Street bailout.

8. Both campaigns had disruptive fracas at delegate selection

9. Both narrowly lost Iowa

10. Both had fairly little media coverage of their campaign

11. Both were the Internet’s candidate for President

12. Both were inspired by prominent Jewish intellectuals outside the mainstream (Leon Trotsky and Murray Rothbard, respectively)

13. Both were the only candidates of their party running to have opposed the Iraq War before it had begun.

14. Both appealed disproportionately to political independents

15. Both campaigns had more than enough funding from small donors