1. Tweet of the week. Matt Bruenig [note the last name] is such a cuck. He deserved every single thing that was coming to him, and, as Trump said, “And if we want to go stronger, I’d go stronger, too.”

2. Tweet of the day (Turkiye delenda est, and why I’ll never, ever visit Doucheland)

3. Don’t make fun of things you haven’t read

4. The caliphate’s global workforce

5. Why are SE France, S. Doucheland, Switzerland, western Austria and N. Italy so rich?

6. Literacy tests for voting: are they a good idea?

7. Against American abberationalism

8. How GOP Senate candidates performed relative to Mitt (blue=worse)

9. Thanks, Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton!

10. E.U. to work with Sudanese dictator to keep out Eritrean refugees. Bad idea. The E.U. should be encouraging the Eritreans to escape, but just not to Europe, as they’d cause lots of problems there.