What the Hell Is Going On?

My reply to this post, which was deleted by Cowen.

This is clearly not Tyrone, just Tyler being his old clueless self.

Let me tell Tyler what happened.

*NATO caused the migrant crisis.

*SJWs took over the New York Times and the rest of the media.

*Obama egged on the rioters in Ferguson

*The E.U. began to suck.

Trump isn’t really bringing up the issues of 2015 America. He’s bringing up the issues of 1992 America. At that time, outsourcing and illegal immigration really was a huge deal, and were, unlike today, happening rapidly. But America’s present situation is pretty sucky, as it was in 1992, and the effects of immigration and outsourcing (weak or no manufacturing employment recoveries) have become more widely seen, so the issues resonate.

The park bench socialist never had a chance, and is just your typical Principled Elderly Gentleman -like a Ron Paul of the Left. Unlike Trump, his support isn’t correlated with unemployment or low income.

And there are actually plenty of Bernie sisters.

“It also avoids the weaknesses of purely economic explanations, because right now the labor market in America just isn’t that terrible.”

-Look at the percentage of unemployed over 27 weeks. It’s not extremely bad, but definitely a cause for concern.

This is not an age of disruption, as the 2003-2007 era was. It’s an age of stagnation. Global interconnectedness works in an alliance against a common foe or in an age of common prosperity. The present situation has neither.


“Nor did the bad economic times of the late 1970s occasion a similar counter-reaction.”

-And Reagan and Thatcher were what? Non-entities? “Let’s Make America Great Again”? Hello, Tyler, anyone there?
Wages aren’t stagnant; they’re soaring. It’s weak compensation, weak productivity, and high-ish long-term unemployment among the unemployed.

Immigration is important.


This is Ray’s reply to me, BTW:

Screenshot (64)

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

6 thoughts on “What the Hell Is Going On?”

  1. First, I see this comment on MR, so it wasn’t deleted by Cowen, you are paranoid. MR and Sumner are far more restrained in actual banning and comment deleting. Caplan and John Cochrane are more aggressive about deleting+banning critical comments and users.

    “Massimo, I have two blogs, the Marginal Counterrevolution and Against Jebel al-Lawz.”

    Obviously, by the name, these sites are reactions. Wouldn’t it be healthier and more productive to advocate for what you do believe in rather than get angry at opposing views?

    I only half agree with your points. While NATO isn’t blame free, the migrant crisis is caused by large fractions of the Earth wanting to move to Europe and learning that they can if they are aggressive enough to push their way in.

    1. No, I wasn’t paranoid; I reposted it after Tyler deleted all my comments on that thread sometime in the morning. Do you see Ray’s comment on Duterte in that comment section? It was deleted. Cowen started deleting all my comments after I called some commenters “fags” as insults a bunch of times in late November. Though I promised never to do it again, and haven’t, Tyler has still kept up a grudge against me and deletes all my comments of any length or content any time he sees them for no good reason. I know what I’m talking about. That’s why I created the Marginal Counterrevolution.

      I don’t remember any substantial number of people pushing their way into Europe in 2010. It was NATO that destroyed the Libyan government, allowing thousands of migrants to rush in to southern Italy, as well as, more covertly, the Syrian government in most of Syria, allowing over a million migrants to rush into Turkey and, with Turkish help, into Germany. It was NATO, not people just going about doing their own thing, that led this migrant crisis to arise.

      “Wouldn’t it be healthier and more productive to advocate for what you do believe in rather than get angry at opposing views?”

      -What’s the difference? I think this is the same thing. Arguing for one view is arguing against another, and visa versa.

  2. Amusingly, the first comment on Tyler Cowen’s post refers to Jack Donovan, whose blog I read for about a month back in 2013 and really liked but could never take seriously because I’m more like Hank Hill than Chappy: Chappy brags that he lives in a shack and poops in an outhouse; Hank asks Chappy rhetorically, “There isn’t a Mrs. Chappy, is there Chappy?”

    (The campiness of putting skulls and bones and all that other stuff that Donovan’s got all over his website is kind of a giveaway for why there isn’t a Mrs. Jack Donovan.)

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