1796: Jefferson

1800: Jefferson

1804: Jefferson

1808: Madison

1812: Madison

1816: Monroe

1824: Jackson

1828: Jackson

1832: Jackson

1836: Van Buren

1840: Van Buren

1844: Polk

1848: Cass? (dubious because of support for popular sovereignty) Van Buren (had a good record, but platform worse than Democratic one)? Taylor? (Fillmore was pretty good). Whatever. I’ll go with Taylor.

1852: Pierce

1856: ???? Fillmore, I guess? The other two would prove fatal to the Union.

1860: Douglas

1864: McClellan

1868: Seymour

1872: Grant (Greeley is an insult to the two-party system).

1876: ??? Probably Tilden, but this is the least consequential election in history.

1880: Hancock

1884: Cleveland

1888: Cleveland

1892: Cleveland

1896: McKinley

1900: McKinley

1904: Parker

1908: Taft

1912: Taft

1916: Hughes

1920: Harding

1924: Coolidge

1928: Hoover (though I’m tempted by Smith, the GOP platform was better).

1932: Hoover

1936: Landon

1940: Screw it. FDR, I guess.

1944: Dewey

1948: Dewey

1952: Eisenhower

1956: Eisenhower

1960: Nixon? Kennedy? In any case, one of them’s assassinated, and one turned out a crook. Nixon it is.

1964: Goldwater. Yes, his foreign policy did lead Rothbard to support Johnson, but the war in Vietnam escalated anyway.

1968: Nixon

1972: Nixon (?)

1976: Carter. Somebody had to get the axe for the 1980 recession.

1980: Reagan

1984: Reagan

1988: Bush. Clarence Thomas was worth it.

1992: ??? Clinton, I guess, since that pick led to 1994 and all that.

1996: ??? Clinton’s fine, I guess. Gridlock needed.

2000: Gore. This is an easy one, as re-election would be impossible for him due to the Iraq War -and Gore was in favor of regime change in Iraq. And there’s even a remote chance Gore wouldn’t have gone into Iraq, in which case, all the more reason to vote for him.

2004: Bush, I guess. Kerry would have made worse Supreme Court picks. (in actuality, I supported Kerry, as I did not like the war, and Bush sounded dangerously incompetent).

2008: Obama (in actuality, I supported McCain, due to my desire for gridlock).

2012: Romney (in actuality, I supported Obama, as I did not know he would revive the Islamic State. I absolutely hated Romney -sounded unpatriotic, looked like an elitist. Honestly, I could not see how he could win, or how anyone could like him.).

2016: Trump. Make America Great Again!