1. This is why the alt-right formed. Premises permitting White nationalism are an excellent counterpart to premises permitting Black nationalism. And the longer this Social Justice War goes on, the more I think the Redemption in the post-Civil-War South was justified. I can only imagine how whiny-assed 1870s Republicans must have sounded.

2. Why Donald Trump is totally awesome and other scholarly observations. From the Daily Stormer. Good piece.

3. Technology will allow a consenting llama (yes, for sex). Excellent piece.

4. Conservative numbskulls. Again, pretty good.

5. Unlike in physical stores, searching on eBay is really easy. Do you really need a paper for this?

6. Lawrence Murray on #NeverTrump

7. Voting as an IQ test

8. The Virginia felon voting ban was purely against White felons -it wasn’t meant to disenfranchise Blacks, who were disenfranchised by another statute. Virginia was Jefferson’s state, but I wouldn’t want to live there now.