1. How to tell if a Turk in the West is assimilated

2. “Ban the Box” is idiocy.

3. Tweet of the Party System (about thirty years, 2000-?)

4. Sure, Trump’s criticism of Curiel is hardly legally sound, but it’s well within the boundaries of MSM denunciations when the deciders in a case are White

5. Happy Birthday, Somaliland!

6. The benefits of Feudalism on Mars (and points about bureaucracy always making most decisions). Long piece.

7. Caplan makes clear criticisms of Hanson. I never found anything genuinely astonishing in what little Hanson I’ve read; only in Yudkowsky.

8. Speaking of bureaucracy, a bureaucrat argues against excessively simple solutions

9. Cartoon of the month

10. “Proposition 187 was twice as popular with Hispanic voters in California as George H.W. Bush had been two years earlier.” -Thanks, Ann!