1. Various comments of mine about politics and GOP electoral strategy. I support Trump.

2. A guide to Russophobic journalism

3. Various comments of mine about economic development. I’m not a Berniebro. If they aren’t up yet, they should appear the next day.

4. The coordinated anti-ISIS offensive has been agreed to (apparently). Syrian rebels do get the Azaz pocket, Syrian government gets Raqqa, and the Kurds get Manbij.

5. How to raise GDP and lower inequality. Hm. It seems that White flight and the Great Migration significantly boosted U.S. income equality by lowering rents and raising southerners’ incomes.

6. Trump is finally saying the right things on foreign policy (although the words should have been “destabilized Libya” and “invaded Iraq”). America First!
Although that Iran remark misconstrues the truth. He’s acting Presidential, with exceptions (“bigly”?). “We will make our cities safe again.”

7. America’s bizarre sex-related priorities. “Pornography” is way below “sex between an unmarried (non-teenage) man and woman”.

8. Woods/Haidt discuss campus SJWs