Hillary plays far more to pity and “togetherness” and uses a far greater variety of words. Her voice is also fine this time around. Trump plays far more to a sense of attack. Nice use of “Midevil” by Her. Hillary looks Presidential, insular, and cold. She’s focusing on empathy voters who can stand an emotionless person. Trump seems more like the guy who cares -more fiery. Clinton focused more on uniting rhetoric, Trump on dividing. Trump focuses much more on the “terror”, “perpetrator”, “Afghan”, and “gays dead” aspect of it. Of course, she refuses to say the word “Turkey”, even though she refers to the very things that country does. I have long called it to be nuked, for Istanbul to be taken by Russia, and for Turkey to be settled by Americans and made a 51st state.

The “assault weapons” line got YUGE applause for something like 30 seconds. This appeals to urban liberals. This does not appeal to rural people. This audience REALLY hates the Second Amendment. And the Fifth and Sixth as well.

The crowd is far more raucous than at Trump’s speech.

Hillary’s rhetoric is far more scripted than Trump’s.

Of course, there is no doubt Hillary will surveil Muslims secretly just because of their religion. So she’s obviously lying there. Typical Hillary.

Hillary mentions Obama surprisingly little. Her almost acts like he isn’t President. Trump certainly doesn’t pretend Obama isn’t POTUS.

Her bipartisan rhetoric feels extremely disingenuous.

The “spirit of 9/12” remark just feels stupid and Glenn-Beckian. It’s a call for total submission.

Conservatives focus on people. Liberals focus on tools.

Clinton says that she spent a lot of time working on curbing IS propaganda online. Job poorly done!

Do you really want a President whose voice sounds so hoarse and cold and her speeches so scripted?