1. The Die-versity of recent mass shootings (Steve)

2. Trump extinguishes campaign loan

3. Womanizing SJW cheater/cuck gets booted from SJW bloglective

4. Most NYT commenters support affirmative action (I oppose it, but don’t see how the Federal government has the power to prevent a state from adopting it -and who knows, it might be used for Whites by the uncucked).

5. In a surprise, most NYT commenters oppose Obamnesty, for good reason

6. Iranian “threat”, RIP

7. Her, enemy of the constitution

8. Neocons support Morocco over Sahrawis

9. Yes, the Fed has a (((diversity problem))).

10. (((Feinstein))) gun bill has surprising opposition: well-educated cucks

11. Shitlib gets called out for inaccuracy, shitlibs

12. No matter who wins, the outcome is clear: prediction markets are worse than useless. I now see why gambling has been abolished in some countries. Note: I predicted a 50% chance of Brexit on January 1 of this year. BTW: 67% of Rotherham voted Fuck the E.U.