Saturday Assorted Links

1. Boston: The city that had the highest %age voting Leave is the most Eastern-European-migrant-filled city in Britain

2. Bryan Caplan is likely to lose a publicly made bet for the very first time

3. The degradation of pop culture

4. The Assad curse

5. Refugees highly overrperesented in terror convictions

6. The world’s favorite Trump tweets

7. The robot future: coming very slowly

8. The Clinton campaign believes no GOP candidate could be anyone other than GWB

How Things Have Changed in 41 Years

Meanwhile, the reaction in the lying press has been stunning. Ever more confirmation for my persistently held view that intellectuals are gay, and are becoming gayer every month. Only the election of a true leader of the people can save us from their viciousness.

Also, I rescind my proposal to limit voting only to White men under the age of 30 (although I still think that could work well). I do, however, maintain my opposition to the 15th, 16th, 18th and 19th amendments (though not the 17th).

Thursday Assorted Links

1. The Die-versity of recent mass shootings (Steve)

2. Trump extinguishes campaign loan

3. Womanizing SJW cheater/cuck gets booted from SJW bloglective

4. Most NYT commenters support affirmative action (I oppose it, but don’t see how the Federal government has the power to prevent a state from adopting it -and who knows, it might be used for Whites by the uncucked).

5. In a surprise, most NYT commenters oppose Obamnesty, for good reason

6. Iranian “threat”, RIP

7. Her, enemy of the constitution

8. Neocons support Morocco over Sahrawis

9. Yes, the Fed has a (((diversity problem))).

10. (((Feinstein))) gun bill has surprising opposition: well-educated cucks

11. Shitlib gets called out for inaccuracy, shitlibs

12. No matter who wins, the outcome is clear: prediction markets are worse than useless. I now see why gambling has been abolished in some countries. Note: I predicted a 50% chance of Brexit on January 1 of this year. BTW: 67% of Rotherham voted Fuck the E.U.

Wednesday Assorted Links

1. Two British anti-SJW Berniebros debate Brexit

2. In security terms, Signal still beats WhatsApp

3. NYT commenters reject NYT editorial board’s immigration stance; denounce Trump’s

4. “True story, bro!

5. International migrants in America are mostly Latin American and Asian; those in Europe are mostly from the Greater Middle East and Eastern Europe

6. The Anti-Gnostic on the Constitution (he doesn’t think much of it)

7. Adams: Why Gun Control Can’t Be Solved in the U.S.A. Absolutely brilliant post.

8. How Democrats and Republicans feel about each other (multiple pages)

Engels on Free Trade

He’s pretty sensible:

Protection is at best an endless screw, and you never know when you have done with it. By protecting one industry, you directly or indirectly hurt all others, and have therefore to protect them too. By so doing you again damage the industry that you first protected, and have to compensate it; but this compensation reacts, as before, on all other trades, and entitles them to redress, and so on ad infinitum. America, in this respect, offers us a striking example of the best way to kill an important industry by protectionism. In 1856, the total imports and exports by sea of the United State amounted to $641,604,850. Of this amount, 75.2 per cent were carried in American, and only 24.8 per cent in foreign vessels. British ocean steamers were already then encroaching upon American sailing vessels; yet, in 1860, of a total seagoing trade of $762,288,550, American vessels still carried 66.5 per cent.

The Civil War came on, and protection to American shipbuilding; and the latter plan was so successful that it has nearly completely driven the American flag from the high seas. In 1887, the total seagoing trade of the United States amounted to $1,408,502,979, but of this total only 13.8 per cent were carried in American, and 86.2 per cent in foreign bottoms. The goods carried by American ships amounted, in 1856, to $482,268,274; in 1860 to $507,247,757. In 1887, they had sunk to $194,356,746. Forty years ago, the American flag was the most dangerous rival of the British flag, and bade fair to outstrip it on the ocean; now it is nowhere. Protection to shipbuilding has killed both shipping and shipbuilding.

Throughout the piece, he makes many witty observations such as this.

Why Trump is Right to Focus on the Poorly Educated

The poorly-educated are those least fixed in their political beliefs.

The well-educated were so fixed in their political beliefs that most of them voted for Barry Goldwater (though obviously to a lesser degree than they did for Eisenhower). I expect Trump’s victory to be Carter-esque (or at least Bush-2000-esque). I also expect Trump to be a one-term president.