The Reagan-Anderson Debate

Anderson is a liberal independent; Reagan is a conservative Republican. The questions are way more loaded and liberal than in today’s debates.

1. Anderson proposes a massive gas tax hike!

2. Reagan correctly refuses to answer a totally loaded question on lifestyle changes as a result of rising commodity prices and points out America has plenty of oil, and advocates for fracking. He would be right, as seen clearly today. Anderson is partly right, but only for the densely-populated cities, and only in the long run.

3. Reagan supports increasing military pay; defends his opposition to the draft. The 2016 Presidential candidate closest to him in style is Kasich, another governor.

4. Reagan sounds way more high-minded than Trump; Anderson less so.

5. Anderson opposes MX Missile; calls it a boondoggle.

6. Both criticize the President.

7. Reagan can talk a good fiscal conservative game, but, sadly, didn’t deliver when he could have. Proposes urban homestead act.

8. The questioners are completely ignorant of economics. Reagan points to his record as CA governor.

9. Anderson rightly condemns Reagan for excessive military spending, which would, in real life, keep Reagan from achieving a balanced budget.

10. Reagan is more of a goddist than Anderson. Says America was created by God. Anderson is stridently pro-abortion and opposes churches telling parishioners who they should vote for. He strongly renounces his former support for a pro-Jesus Constitutional Amendment. Reagan floats stupid cliches on abortion. Anderson prefers oblivion over suffering.

Reagan calls for Making America Great Again (sadly, not in those words), but in a much more formal and organized manner than Donald Trump.

Anderson’s tone is much more negative. He is against “chauvinistic, parochial, anachronistic” nationalism and states’ rights. He’s the Federalist candidate of 1980.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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