1. Hispanic representative: against the NSA (good, but not Trumpian), but put out a “natural conservative” line (bad). B

2. Rubio: some neocon rhetoric, but not as bad as Christie. Sad. B-

3. Eric Trump’s speech: solid. B+

4. Cruz’s speech: F- Judas! Judas! Judas! [shakes pieces of silver]. Endorsed Trump, but not explicitly. Coward. Made it all about himself, which is what was terrible. Totally inconsistent and incoherent message. Reminds me of 1892 Dem platform: ready to be hijacked.

5. Newt’s speech: A++. Most excellent. Newt is a really excellent speaker and I thought he was the best chance against Obama in 2012. It’s a good thing he’s serving as an attack dog for Trump. He was instrumental in the transformation of the Republican Party into a truly Jeffersonian/Jacksonian party.