That’s culture — a culture that already reveres cops, just like Scott Walker says we should. Our reverence is unreflective and mostly unquestioning. Our reverence is shorthand for bundles of other attitudes, some of them about race and class and other ugly things. Our reverence ought to trouble us, and should have no place at the convention of a party that’s supposed to stand for conservatism. Reverence for the government is not conservative.

Ken White is SJW filth with smaller nuts. Notice the classic features of SJWry:

*Use of plural nouns to distract from the utter absurdity of the statements, especially if those plural nouns were replaced with relevant singular ones
*Use of “ugly” for attitudes towards race and class based on truth, not filthy SJW fiction
*Pretending to be something the filthy SJW is the opposite of
*Use of “trouble” where “inspire pride in” would be more appropriate.
*Finishing off with an absurd statement lacking any regard for historical context.

Naturally, I’m only posting here because I was banned from that perfidious blog. The mods banned me so as to make sure the comments would only be filled with stuff like this:

I don’t care about cops any more. No, I’ll go further… I hate cops. If they’re not dirty they’re covering for dirt, which makes them dirty. Innocent black lives matter. At this point I don’t give a shit about blue lives. Their deaths barely move my empathy needle, kinda like suicide bombers. Whenever I hear “[the victim] was a 25-year veteran of force” all I can think is how many people’s rights he surely violated over those decades with violence and corruption. Cops as an institution and as individuals have exhausted my supply of trust, respect, patience, and good will.

There needs to be some sort of purge. Bust the police unions and fire them all. Anyone who was a cop before some cutoff date (like, today) should be banned for life from any sort of law enforcement. Get a different job, you have all officially failed. We need 100% new cops. Otherwise, the shootings are just going to continue in both directions.

White Lives Matter, people. White Lives Matter. The filthy scum in the press hate White lives -often, even their own. Let them die and be barren, and the rest take over.