1. Farage feels left-wing in Cleveland

2. Milo and the Gay Fascist sophisticate. Raimondo also fits the bill.

3. In defense of demagogues. Rothbard’s brilliant.

4. Snowden on smartphones

5. Trump hopes to be a new Andrew Jackson in appointments. Jackson wasn’t an ideologue in rhetoric, but acted like one in his struggles with Congress.

6. Most Democrats are for political correctness, most indys and Republicans against

7. Trump sets conditions for defending NATO allies against attack. Good. Doubleplusgood.

8. David Friedman: an idea for an experience-rewinding implant story plot

9. Yes, #NeverTrump is For Her and should accept the consequences of being so. But they’re cunts, they’re never going to do that.

10. Hilarious diplomatic notes on the Yemeni war

11. Why Nonwhites tend to be scared of the outdoors

12. Pat Buchanan against Lyin’ Ted