1. First photo of the Pence/Kaine debate. I find it interesting how both VP picks were to the right of the actual nominee.

2. Wikipedia wins again in VP pick forecasting

3. Kaine overperformed Obama in VA by merely 2 points. He’s popular in Virginia Beach, I guess, but so is Donald Trump.

4. Trump has surpassed Mitt Romney’s best FiveThirtyEight winning chances (41%, June 2, 2012). 2012 GOP convention began August 27. BTW, in the now-cast model, Trump surpassed Mitt’s October 12 peak on July 14.

5. Beautiful.

6. Mabel Walker Willebrandt

7. Comment section v. Article (NRO). Mods at NRO have blocked me despite (or because of ) the fact I said nothing untruthful. I’m still allowed to vote, though.

8. Comment section v. Article (NRO). Different article.

9. Women get sent to Africa, men get sent to the important countries

10. The press is an agent of the Democratic Party establishment

11. Ways Kaine isn’t all that left-wing

12. A cuck on the irrelevance of crime statistics. Good read.