Dem Convention: Day 1

It was a total shitshow, infinitely more so than Cleveland.

If there is any lesson to be learned here, it is this: grassroots always beats establishment at party discord!

Thus, the Ron Paul delegate discord in 2012. And, as Bernie is little more (and quite a bit less) than a Democratic Party Ron Paul, it is fitting that the delegate discord at this convention would be much larger than that this year in Cleveland, where Donald Trump was the grassroots anti-establishment candidate and almost the entire opposition to Donald Trump came from the Republican establishment and aligned groups (Jeb Bush and his buddy Cruz) as well as over-principled anti-democratic politicians with bees up their asses (Mike Lee, Ken Cuckinelli).

BernieBros booed Liz Warren for betraying them. They cried “War Hawk!” at Corey Booker. They even booed Michelle Obama when they endorsed Hillary Clinton. There were so many boos (and calls for “LGBT!” for Bernie’s and some Black guy’s speech), I couldn’t even count them all if I tried.

Added to this display of massive protest both inside and outside the convention were the totally fake “voice votes” in which the party clearly losing them “in the opinion of the chair” won.

To add insult to injury, Donna Brazile, a woman implicated in the DNC leaks scandal, was appointed DNC chair to replace Debbie W. Schultz. None of the employees implicated in the anti-semitic rumor-mongering proposal were fired. Clearly, the replacement of DWS was not a response to BernieBro complaints, but because she had failed at her job of sucking up to the establishment hard enough.

As for the convention itself, it was also a shitshow. Space was devoted to praising illegals and to effective promotion of 100% Open Borders. Though the Dems claimed the convention would “look like America”, it looked a lot more like the American underclass. There were some cucked Irish pols from the Northeast (the last remnants of the Al Smith coalition of the 1920s) which only confirmed stereotypes about the Irish. The irony is, of course, that non-Democratic Irish are a key Trump constituency.

Booker’s speech stands out as the most passionate of the night.

In the end, Bernie helped settle down some of the diehard #BernieOrBust people, pointing to them the similarities (all only on domestic policy) Clinton has with Bernie and Trump doesn’t. He said Clinton would make an excellent President. I don’t agree.

Clinton’s foreign policy was not discussed at all by anyone, except empty asides on Her diplomatic work.

As for messaging, there was a lot of letting Trump spout his own message to the audience (godawful persuasion technique) as well as this. However, as an example of good persuasion technique, Trump was called risky, dangerous, divisive, thin-skinned, insulting, and as ripping off Americans. A victim of Trump university spoke, as well as some disabled woman. The calls to build bridges, not walls, however, sounded hollow as the entire arena and podium was surrounded with high fences. Lots of mentions of “equality” “economy that works for all Americans” “color and creed”, stuff like that.

No real Black Lives Matter stuff today. Podesta, one of the leading elites in this country, came out in strong support of Clinton’s “progressive agenda”, but we all know that’s not why he’s With Her.

I wonder how well Russophobia will play at this convention.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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