Dem Convention: Day 2

Unlike the Day 1 convention, which I watched almost in full, I didn’t bother watching much of this day’s events, and watched mainly between the roll call and Bill Clinton’s speech. Basically, if there are two words that can be used to describe this convention, it is “cucked” and “discordant”. The Bernie delegates mostly walked out to protest (something which the MSM, nearly 95% Hillbots themselves, would consider a sure sign of party disaster if it happened to Trump), so they weren’t heard, while the convention was filled with Hillbots and sympathetic politicos. Hillary was championed as a diplomat (as in the 2012 Gaza conflict), a woman (if I heard the words “first woman whatever” three more times, I would have vomited), and as a fighter for 9/11 survivors, a fighter for unmarried womens’ rights (blech! Lena Dunham!), sex trafficking victims (LOL!), the disabled, poor Mexicans, and the vulnerable in general as against Trump’s rapacious greed. Message: we care. The need for government intervention was often brought up. Of course, we all know Clinton is a true friend of the rich -all the richest precincts in the country, from San Francisco to Manhattan, voted for her in the primary- so this is nonsense. As others pointed out, the Democrats politicized 9/11 this year more than Giuliani ever did this year.

Some dude said we shouldn’t give the “nuclear codes to one who praises Vladimir Putin”, which is nuts, as Putin’s a great guy overall, so that’s precisely the person Americans should give the nuclear codes to. The Iranian sanctions were brought up as a point for Clinton, which I don’t think most Democrats in the audience would care about. The situations in Libya and Syria were tacitly avoided.

Eric Holder and some Black criminals’ mothers spoke, showing White victims of crime and police killings don’t matter to the Democrats, and that they only desire Black supremacy and Mexican imperialism. The White female announcer of the delegation from South Dakota proudly spoke of George McGovern (LOL!) and his (utter clusterfuck of a) 1972 convention as being the first affirmative action convention. I want no part in a party of affirmative action! I heard the Black female announcer from the Georgia delegation (backgrounder: less than 20% of Georgia non-Hispanic Whites vote Democrat) say they plan to make this Deep South state a Deep Blue state via empowerment of minorities, just like they’ve mostly successfully made Virginia. I could not help but be reminded of the common White Nationalist meme that the Democrats are the party of White Genocide. I take these allegations more seriously after hearing such things as what the Georgia delegation’s announcer said.

Bill Clinton started his speech in a pretty boring manner, but it became more listenable toward the end. The most passionate speech was one of a mother of a Black dude shot by police. Sandra Bland’s mother also spoke, but no attention was given to how to prevent suicides in jails. A White police chief also spoke to calm down some of the more wary Whites, but his relatively sensible language would be belied by the all-Blacks selection of mothers shown to the public as mothers of victims of police violence.

Periodic messages from Donald Trump were shown, which I think helped his cause more than they hurt. They showed Trump as a boor in general and to women in particular. Honestly, I don’t think most men care about this, but there will be a historic gender gap come November (note: the gender gap was toward the Republicans before Barry Goldwater).

The Republicans brilliantly timed the convention. The best poll results for Trump will be released in the next couple days, showing him leading by 2-4 points, after which the convention bounce will fade.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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