The Democratic Convention, Night 3

The shitshow got worse, as signs of disunion reappeared in the shouts of the delegates (“No More War!” to Panetta) and protestors broke through the high metal fence around the arena.

In no particular degree of order, topics covered included guns (but not crime), security (but not the administration’s accomplishments in the places today so dangerous), “diversity”, genital-voting, a dark, baseless, and ominous video about climate change, rich Jews’ support for Clinton while claiming the party to still be one of the working class, “Asian-Americans” fighting against the now long-gone once bipartisan Chinese Exclusion Act and supporting “Access to translated and absentee ballots as critical”, Trump’s bad words, “It’s healing time. It’s hope time. It’s Hillary time.” (God, does Jesse Jackson sound like a prick), college for all v. Trump U, and cheers for a woman’s abortion. Every group was mentioned as a natural Democratic constituency except Whites and men. Some Jews and Black spoke and using fear was condemned, despite frequent practicing of its politics in the arena.

Bloomberg the Jew talked about Hillary being a friend of stability (though he didn’t, to my recollection, mention the Middle East), and lowered my view of Her further. If she’s a friend of such cronies, think what Trump can do to such scum!

Mike Pence was periodically condemned for his deviations from New York Values (not in those words), cutting preschool funding (though I doubt this allegation is true, though if it’s true, it’s awesome), and denying evolution.

There was also a nutty tribute to Harry Reid, praised by Bernie Sanders and the Bidens. For what kind of a man Reid is, just watch this:

Biden condemned Trump for being an exploitative huckster without real ties to the common man. He is that, of course, but he’s not an elitist, which is why I’m voting for him.

After that stupid song, I could no longer stomach watching, so I got almost all my news of Kaine’s and Obama’s speeches secondhand. Too bad.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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