Now, for the Democratic Convention: Fourth Night

Protests continued. Boos and chants were heard from Berniebros, but they were countered with Hillbot chants, specially printed out in advance. A lot of pro-illegal and pro-Black stuff was heard. Her mentioned she’ll fight “institutional racism in the criminal justice system” (as though there is any to speak of).

Overall, in terms of sheer discord, Her convention had far stricter management of speakers , but, simply put, it was impossible not to understand that, in the case of the Democratic convention, a substantial number of delegates hated Clinton (thanks, Wikileaks!). No such substantial number of delegates hated Trump. Hundreds of delegates did not simply walk out in the Republican convention. They did in the Democratic. Protests at the Republican convention were small and peaceful. This was far less the case at the Democratic convention, where pro-Bernie protests were substantial, with the Democrats having to erect a wall to keep out protestors.

NYT home pages:
Screenshot (362)
Screenshot (392)

Screenshot (393)

If the actual content of Her speech is largely ignored on today’s home page, that’s because there was almost none to go with. There’s not even a “Checking the Facts” option, as there was for Trump’s speech. It was mostly boring as heck. This video:

is almost a pitch-perfect match for how Hillary actually talks.

How was Her speech? Meh. C+ to a B-. I have to say it was worse than Trump’s, and carried less substance. The speech was filled with platitudes. Trump’s speech was Trumpism essentialized-little more, and little less. The merciless criticisms of Trump in Her speech were its best part, and they were in the middle. Not even the cheering of the bought and paid-for audience could hide how platitudinous much of the speech was. The best line was comparing Her plans to lighten student debt with his bankruptcies and not talking at all about student debt refinancing.

The Democrats had way better celebrities. Celebrity endorsements may or may not be huge among the stupid. The Democratic convention was glitzier, but, if I had to give a grade, I’d give an A- to a B+ to the Republican convention (Cruz speech, Melania plagiarism) and a B+ maximum and B- minimum to the Democratic. The Austen Goolsbee videos and songs were horrible for the Dems, as were the showings of the Trump statements.

All in all, the convention was too Black, pro-abortionist, pro-illegal immigrant, and implicitly anti-White and explicitly anti-male to persuade any undecided voters, especially White male ones. There was a good game of Trump bashing, though I don’t think as devastating for him as “Lock Her Up” is for Her.

BTW, Tammy Baldwin is not from Missouri, no matter what the convention screen said. She’s from Wisconsin.

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