1. Flood in North China c. 1900 BC larger than largest observed on Amazon River in modern times

2. Pro-Huelskamp Freedom Caucus unanimously decides not to endorse Ryan

3. Clinton helps bank. Bank helps Clinton.

4. Twitter: sinking ship

5. College degree does not remedy average racial IQ, and, thus, wealth differences. Affirmative Action might suck, but, fortunately, it’s ineffective.

6. I’ve endorsed Kelli Ward yesterday

7. Carl Diggler is right: modern #NeverTrump conservatism is about being anti-transsexual-bathroom. Dude may have strong stances, but looks like a loser. Reminds me of Huelskamp, but seems to have stronger campaigning skills.

8. GOP success at state, federal, and local levels stronger than at any point since 1922

9. Gary Johnson: a dime-store Donald Trump without the 50% chance of winning

10. Clinton has a “$30B plan for coal country”. LOOOOOOOL!

11. Low-information voters constitute 90% of the voting public

12. Here’s how -and why! Jeb ! will win the GOP nomination