Trump’s speech today:

1. Ali Vitali’s remarks (to be read from bottom to top):
FireShot Screen Capture #012 - 'Ali Vitali (@alivitali) I Twitter' - twitter_com_alivitali
2. Candace Smith’s remark on Trump’s latest speech
Note that Trump is doing several things:
*airing ads for the very first time in EXACTLY THE STATES I ADVISED HIM TO IN APRIL AND MAY (though the VA situation has changed since I wrote that; the felons have been re-disenfranchised, so it might be worth attempting to win it)
*continuing with his strong record of prepared remarks this week (with each speech being better and better for outreach)
3. Not coincidentally, Trump now has his best polling numbers in a week (which ain’t saying much):
Screenshot (397)
My guess is Trump’s doing this now due to the fact voting starts in late September and ends on evening November 8.

Before today, I seriously thought about giving up on Trump and shifting my odds to favor a Her win, due to Trump seemingly saying he’ll double down on his losing strategy, his continued spate of bad polls, and his hiring of a Goldman Sachs Breitbart head to head his campaign. Now, I am convinced Trump will improve his standing in the polls and will, as history always showed to be likely, win this great election.

4. Democrats want the Party of Trump to be the Party of Ryan, Republicans want the Party of Trump to be the Party of Trump. Note that on substantive policy, Democrats have much more to disagree on with Ryan than with Trump. It’s just that Ryan seems more like a wuss to them and Trump an uncompromiser.

This speech seems so different from Trump’s normal speeches -regret, compassion, actually seeming above Her in rhetoric, “if something isn’t working, you fix it”, “let our children be dreamers, too”.

5. Ross Perot’s doubling his popularity in a month. Trump can also increase his favorability ratings by 10 points in a month, especially among Republicans.

6. Conservatism has no real meaning among Blacks or Hispanics. Since FDR, only non-Hispanic Whites have been the major swing vote!

7. The withering of Cruzlam: after convention, record 58% of Americans and 50% of Republicans disapprove of Ted Cruz. Opposing the Republican nominee does you no favor with the liberals!

8. Clinton, Trump supporters have starkly different views of a changing nation

Also, note that Trump, as I’ve been thinking of for days, revived the slogan “Make America Great Again”, concluding his speech with it. He also continued with his firm stance that Hillary Clinton helped create ISIS! Beautiful!

Overall speech grade: high A, maybe lower A+. No ++ for some boring parts. Best Trump speech of the week.