The most Idiotic Theory relating to Trump’s Constituencies Ever

In July, during the Republican convention, I pointed out here that Donald Trump’s questioning whether he would come to the defense of Central and Eastern European countries if Russia attacked them – and Trump’s changing the GOP platform to strip out the provision of defensive weapons to Ukraine – could cost him millions of once-solid Republican votes in key swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida.

-This (by a neocon, though not a neocohen), is a remarkably idiotic post, even for a neocon. If it were true, we’d expect Trump to do unusually poorly among Ukrainian Jews and Poles. In fact, Trump easily won Brighton Beach (a strongly Ukrainian Jewish area of NYC) in the New York Republican primary by a landslide, winning over 70% of the Republican vote in each precinct, while the most Polish county in America was Trump’s best county in the Pennsylvania Republican primary (77.4% of the Republican vote!), and a good reason to believe Trump can win Pennsylvania. 48% of Luzerne County Whites voted for Obama in 2012, much higher than the national average. Today, Trump is leading Her there by nearly 20 points. So Polish-Americans (at least, those whose ancestors emigrated before 1924), far from being a liability, are a major asset for Donald Trump.

Trump also won the Florida primary by a landslide, performed well in the Michigan primary (though not enough to win the state come November except in the event of a Trump landslide), and was the only candidate other than Ohio’s governor to win more votes in that state’s primary than Her.

He didn’t become the GOP nominee ’cause he couldn’t get Eastern European votes.

The neocon also presumes there are more gentile Ukrainians in the United States than gentile Russians (like me) and Serbs. He is almost certainly wrong on that count. Through his Russia-friendly foreign policy, Trump is inspiring many Russian-American voters (like me) to vote for him who would otherwise (e.g., in the case of Marco Rubio’s nomination) have gone to Her.

The neocon isn’t just wrong, his speculations are, as usual, almost precisely the opposite of the truth!

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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