There are too many “Trump country” pieces focusing on Eastern Kentucky or West Virginia or whatever. There’s nothing unique or interesting about them. Obviously the traditionally Republican portions of Eastern Kentucky were going to save Trump’s chances in the caucus there and Trump only won the West Virginia primary (with, admittedly, historically unprecedented turnout) after all his competitors dropped out. West Virginia was rapidly trending GOP before Trump was even on the map. Traditionally Republican Eastern Kentucky has been blindly Republican since the 1880s, as a reaction to Grover Cleveland. McCain, not Trump, first put traditionally Democratic Eastern Kentucky into the Republican column. And Trump’s first primary wins were in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada. None of these places are the sort of places that attract reporters looking to find the “losers of globalization” (though you could call Las Vegas one). The only interesting piece of that sort would be one set in Luzerne County, a key swing county of the key state of Pennsylvania, where Trump’s style resonates with the overwhelmingly White Catholic locals and nearly half of whose Whites went for Obama in 2012.

The real reason Trump won the GOP primary was simple, in front of everyone’s nose, and obvious to anyone willing to look: he was viewed as by far the best candidate to deal with the most important issue to Americans voting for President: the economy. Why? He was rich, talked about bringing back our jobs, and none of the losers who ran in the GOP primary looked as if they knew how to deal with the economy any better than the rich guy who was talking about bringing back our jobs.

Also, I simply could not understand why anyone would vote for Her in the 2016 primary. The majority of White people in my county and state were for Bernie, for obvious reasons, and I simply could not understand why anyone except some hyper-rich limousine liberal would vote for Her. There needed to be way more pieces on what drove the people who gave Her the most primary votes of any candidate this primary season. I could never understand them. I still don’t.