1. Parody of Clinton’s anti-pepe jihad

2. Trump tied in polls among White millennials

3. 2010: the point of no return for White High School dropouts’ exodus from the Democratic Party

4. “The United States government should not spy on its own citizens. That will not happen in a Trump administration.” -Definitely contradicts most of Trump’s previous statements on this, and almost certainly will not be implemented, but a welcome change in rhetoric. Gary Johnson isn’t promising to abolish the NSA, either, so the ONLY reason to support him over Trump is torture. Later, Trump declares it makes no sense to not allow those who have been educated in the U.S. not to work in the U.S., as well. He also seems to back off from anti-vaccinism. Trump isn’t a great writer.

5. Left turns against tobacco; remains for pot. Weird.

6. Colin Powell’s emails hacked

7. Ivanka’s WSJ op-ed

8. Why is Paul Ryan allowing massive fiscal stimulus to proceed right now?