UPDATE: 24 Hours after this post was written, Trump proceeded to surpass all of Mitt’s records!


Yup; when Mitt was pulling a solid 2.0% in FiveThirtyEight’s NowCast six days before the big debate, Donald J. Trump is pulling 42.8%. Mitt’s highest Now-Cast ever was 43.9% -and Trump’s beating every single day but that one in Mitt’s loser campaign. The polls-only is 40.6%-the first time it went above 40% since the conventions and also just a notch below Romney’s best polls-only performance during his loser campaign (41.0%):

The polls-plus is 41.7% -Trump’s highest ever.

Now all Trump needs to do is do well in the first debate, win New Hampshire, and run as the presumptive president of the United States of America.