In 1988, the majority of voters in Jackson County, Arkansas, went for loser Michael Dukakis. In 2004, 56.52% of the voters of Jackson County, Arkansas, went for loser John Kerry. In 2008, Jackson County, Arkansas had 2145 primary votes for Hillary Clinton, 353 primary votes for Barack Obama, and 895 primary votes for all Republicans. In 2008, 39.54% of its voters went for Barack Obama, followed by 39.18% in 2012.

In 2016, Jackson County, Arkansas had 702 primary votes for Hillary Clinton and 711 for Donald J. Trump. 927 voters voted for either Sanders or Clinton, while 1581 voters cast their ballots for the five Republican candidates then in the race.

I predict Jackson County, Arkansas, will not go for its former First Lady in the general election.

So I wonder -and this story has been so underreported over the past year or so- why didn’t the PUMAs come back? Why, enraged by Clinton’s loss eight years ago, did most of them, at least, in counties like Jackson, Arkansas, abandon Hillary Clinton, and embrace the GOP?

BTW, we know this is purely an example of a seemingly permanent rejection of a political party based on nothing more than spite that Clinton didn’t win because there was no such PUMA phenomenon in bordering Missouri:
2004-2008 swing:

2008-2012 swing:

In 2012, though, Missouri seems to have had an abnormally large partisan swing to Mitt Romney -but, then again, so did northern Arkansas, and this swing is no greater than, say, North Dakota’s.

So I predict every single county of Vermont will swing to Trump this year.