Thursday Assorted Links

1. The choice 2016. The intro curiously and annoyingly glosses over Trump’s endorsement of Mitt and Mitt’s defeat.

2. Good satire of Mike Pence (and Kaine the Clown). Of course, I don’t like Mike Pence, precisely due to the behavior satirized.

3. Actually, SAT results don’t confirm boys, on average, are better at math than girls. Good argument.

4. Kaine: “I’m a conservative”. Another shapeshifter.

5. Cash transfers don’t do much to help with intergenerational poverty in Eucuador

6. Voters have little confidence in Trump, Clinton

BTW, both I and Homo Iracundus were banned indefinitely (usually meaning permanently) at the Slate Star Codex today. Since neither Jill nor TheWorst, who engaged in much more serious insults against others (including me) than I did against them, were banned, and the banning took several days after we posted our offending comments after severe and substanceless whining by left-wing trolls against the supposed right-wing dominance of the SSC commentariat, I can only conclude Scott was pressured by left-wing trolls into blocking the two people who first and most eloquently responded to his first post against Trump, entirely for partisan reasons. I am 80% sure for me and 100% sure for Iracundus that we were banned entirely for partisan reasons, with zero regard to our actual behavior. I am entirely opposed to this, as it contradicts the spirit of Slate Star Codex, and is a sign of that blog’s impending doom. If someone sees this, post this at Slate Star Codex, since I’m banned there:

I, E. Harding, liberator of the nations, author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz and Marginal Counterrevolution WordPress blogs, friend to all the virtuous and enemy of all the wicked, implore you -the SlateStarCodex commentariat -to seek the restoration of my commenting privileges and quickly initiate the blocking of Jill and TheWorst, who have polluted these comment threads with intolerance for far too long! And vote Trump to Make America Great Again!

You can always contact me by Twitter or WordPress comment. I hope Scott still showcases my predictions at the end of the year or thereabouts!

If my Twitter account is blocked as well, I am reachable at

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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