After losing the first debate, Trump won the second from the parts I watched (crucially, I missed some parts between roughly 9:15 and 9:30, just after when Hillary started talking about fact-checking, and just before Trump said “you should be ashamed of yourself” about the emails, so I missed the “you’ll be in jail” comment and Her email response -I watched them later). So far as I could see, Trump landed some beautiful blows on Her treatment of the women supposedly abused by Bill Clinton, as well as on Sidney Blumenthal, Michelle Obama, and Her spreading pictures of Obama in traditional garb. Hillary Clinton failed to land any decisive blows to Trump (steel and taxes don’t count) during the time I was watching. Her worst part of the debate was blaming Her Wikileaks duplicity on Abraham Lincoln, something Trump correctly called Her out on! Bill’s worst part of the debate was his facial expression when called out on his treatment of women. So Trump landed many blows. At best you could say Clinton landed something on the birther thing, but it didn’t stick due to Trump’s response. So Trump gets at least one (possibly at least three), while Clinton gets zero points here.

Trump correctly pointing out that Obama drew the red line in August 2012, when Her was Secretary of State (Trump condemned the U.S. airstrikes trial balloon in 2013 when it was floated), was solid. Trump also beautifully rejected Pence’s dangerous and Russophobic foreign policy, rejected aid to the Syrian rebels, correctly said Russia was fighting ISIS, and made it clear that Aleppo has already fallen. He made it clear that Pence prepped separately from Trump. This has solidified my vote for Trump, as well as my call to dump Pence from the ticket. I am now more certain to vote for Trump than I ever am before. Trump 2016!

He also got it right on energy, SCOTUS picks, and upstate New York. I don’t think he won on taxes, but he didn’t blow up there.

Overall, a clear Trump win. Maybe more decisive than Kaine v. Pence.

I think Trump’s entire dip in the LAT/USC tracker from the clip a couple days ago will soon disappear as a result of this great debate!