Of those Senators running for re-election who renounced their endorsement of Trump in the past week, John McCain (by a little), Rob Portman (by a lot) and Mark Kirk (by a lot), actually surpassed Trump in total number of primary votes this year. So they have standing to claim that their electoral success necessitates that they work to expand their base, even at the risk of alienating some Trump supporters (though Portman won more primary votes than his Senate opponent by quite a bit, and his position in his Senate seat is solid, so there’s really no point in endorsement-pulling -I recommend staying this Senate election out if you’re in Ohio). But Kelly Ayotte got fewer primary votes than did Trump this year. Joe Heck won fewer primary votes than were cast in the Nevada Republican caucus, but he did win twice as many votes as Trump, due purely to more people participating in primaries than caucuses. So, given her precarious position with their base, why is Ayotte dumping someone who has won more votes than them already?

I’m honestly not sure what to do with those GOP cucks. They seem so necessary, and yet, they’re so fickle.

Also, everyone has at last forgotten about the stupid Access Hollywood clip! Horray! I predicted it would be forgotten about by today.