Some Indian Communist, who probably knows nothing about America, wrote a low-quality post here.

Its particularly interesting to see that Trump supporters tend to live in homogeneous communities, which seems to indicate that the source of their racial resentment isn’t so much due to any kind of personal experience in competing with immigrants for jobs, but precisely because of their lack of experience with diversity and cosmopolitan communities — their only source of information about people of color, immigrants, Muslims and other “Other” groups is the sensationalist 24/7 media, conservative talk radio, etc.

-If that was the case, Trump wouldn’t have won the Republican primaries in such cities as



*New York City (excluding Manhattan)

*Las Vegas

and, of course, the Mississippi Delta and every county in Alabama, especially the Alabama Black Belt ones. You’re badly ignoring the South in your claims here.

I haven’t seen any clear correlation between racial isolation and Trump support; quite the contrary.

“and living in areas more exposed to trade or immigration does not increase Trump support”

-But living in areas exposed to unemployment and low income does. See the results in Michigan, Ohio, Arkansas, etc.

Trump won pretty much everywhere except the elite areas, which voted for Liddle Marco and Kasich, and among oversensitive religious types. Just look at the Florida primary.