No, Trump is not actually Barry Goldwater

Once in a while, stupid Dem elitists write stupid essays on smart Trump supporters. Here’s why they’re wrong:

*Trump primary voters (as opposed to Romney and McCain primary voters) -both the racial and economic anxiety arguments apply here. Certainly, racial anxiety is not a reasonable explanation for Trump’s New Hampshire win (that would be the splitting of votes among numerous establishment candidates -however, the same applies to his smaller victory in South Carolina) -all the counties in New Hampshire voted for Obama in 2008. However, it’s clear that some Trump overperformance in the Deep South relative to what can be explained by economic/social factors alone can be attributed to a history of lowland southern racism. Often neglected by the lyin’ press, though, is Trump’s stellar performance among northeastern White Republican ethnics, almost all of whom voted for either McCain or Romney in the 2008 primary. Thus, Trump overperformed in the Massachusetts primary as much as he did in the Deep South relative to what can be explained by social/economic factors. In any case, racism is a more reasonable explanation for Trump’s primary performance than for Romney’s, or even McCain’s in 2008. But that doesn’t mean it’s actually reasonable, and it’s a less reasonable explanation for Trump’s primary performance than for George W. Bush’s primary performance in 2000. Was George W. Bush a racist? He certainly was never well-liked by Blacks. Like McCain in 2008, Trump performed better in New Hampshire than in South Carolina, but won both states. Was McCain a racist? McCain certainly did better in the more Goldwater-supporting parts of South Carolina (and did well in the historically racist Virginia and Alabama Black Belts), but the whole idea McCain’s primary support hinged on racism sounds (and is) kinda ridiculous. The case is only slightly less ridiculous with Trump (unlike McCain, Trump won the entire Deep South during the primaries).

Trump in the primaries won the North (Vermont), the South (Alabama), the East (Massachusetts) and the West (Nevada) in the primaries. Racial anxiety can’t explain that.

In Real Life (not pundits’ imaginations), Trump won the primaries because he was seen by the vast majority of Republicans as the best candidate on the economy and the deficit. Simple.

*Consistent GOP voters -It’s been a consistent fact ever since Reagan in 1984 that all the traditional Deep Southern racists vote Republican. Bush’s best performance in 1992 was in the great state of Mississippi. His second-best performance was in the great state of South Carolina. His third-best performance was in the great state of Alabama. This does not mean that the Republican leadership is anti-Black (quite the contrary) -it does mean the Dems are too cucked for White Deep Southerners to take seriously. Especially people like Bernie Sanders. However, this is stuff of ancient history, not the current year. Trump didn’t conjure this part of the Republican base out of whole cloth -a dude named Barry Goldwater did that.

*Trump Democrats -contrary to the racial anxiety (always most prevalent in the Deep South) hypothesis, these are disproportionately northern and their location is strongly correlated with Republican support in 1916.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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