2012 results here.

The pattern is generally consistent with what were one century ago Hughes/McKinley Republicans returning back to the old partisan fold.

Trump gets 45.6% of the two-candidate vote. Willard Mitt Romney, born in Michigan, only got 45.19% of the two-party vote in November 2012. Impressive, given that this is Trump v. Clinton only; this does not account for the three (actually four, but Rubio was doomed by March 8)-way split in the GOP v. the two-way split among the Dems. Had Bernie won the primary, I think the result would have been much different, with Trump being pretty much unable to win Michigan and New Hampshire.

Due to very Dem-leaning places like Flint and Ann Arbor, the Clinton vote relative to Trump vote is not that heavily concentrated in very populous counties.

Data here.