Frank Luntz’s focus group gets it right 100% of the time, and it got it right this time. The result of this debate was a pure tossup (I thought the Pence v. Kaine debate got close to that point, but Pence pulled it out toward the end). Clinton made Her points, Trump made his points. He did not make his points as well as he could have, but he made a lot of them. Unlike in the first debate, not all the opportunities were missed.

Needless to say, Clinton refused to answer about whether she’d shoot down the Russian plane (disqualifying!) and Trump didn’t call Her out on it. Trump did make his points about Clinton not knowing who the rebels are (true), but he could have made them much better. Clinton made Her attacks on Trump’s personal history. So on, so forth.

Clinton scared every single Russian-American (except neocohens) out there, so they’re all voting for Trump now. As Mike Tracey says, she is completely unhinged on foreign policy. Trump isn’t.