This is percentage change in total votes (both election day and early) in each category, not change in share of electorate.

Total: up 6.2%

Republicans: up 2.5%

Democrats: up .3%

Unaffiliateds: up 22.7%

Blacks: up 10.7%

Whites: up 2.8%

You wouldn’t really suspect a 2.36% swing (just slightly larger than the percentage the registered Republican vote went up minus the percentage the registered Democrat vote went up) to the Republican nominee from this, but it did happen.

Now, between 2012 and 2008 (early vote)

Total: up 12.2%

Republicans: up 13.4%

Democrats: down 1.5%

Unaffiliateds: up 41.2%

Blacks: down 9%

Whites: up 18%