Monday Assorted Links

1. Absolute madman lambasts absolute scum in the press

2. An alt-right “We didn’t start the movement”. Must-watch.

3. Rand Paul views Trump’s picks as weak on civil liberties

4. Hillary voters are a minority in 37 states

5. Newt Gingrich: John the Baptist to Donald Trump. I think this analogy is highly apt, given the fact Trump’s primary constituency was a massively expanded Gingrich one.

6. Tulsi Gabbard tells Trump to steer clear of neocons

7. Vox Media’s code of conduct is one long self-own

8. Hiring freezes may not work

9. It’s very demoralizing to be a cuck these days

10. The Left actually wins when it fights with Science, the right doesn’t

Sunday Assorted Links

1. The tale of John Ewards

2. Holy Cow stat from 1980 presidential election. Maybe it was because Reagan was promising tax cuts? Iran crisis?

3. John Kennedy has a good ad! Hopefully, he’ll do a good job in the Senate.

4. Robert Reich tries introspection

5. Nationalize Twitter?

6. Pupil size and IQ

7. The Russian navy is back

8. Feminism does not make economic sense for most women

Saturday Assorted Links

1. Rorty was very, very, very, very, very prescient. I’m telling ya, 2011-2016 was a lot like 1989-1994. Pat Buchanan. Ross Perot (note: both are still alive). Clintonian Neoliberalism leading to massive Dem gains among the White college-educated. The failure of Reaganism. The rise of White supremacist movements. The rise of SJWs, including hysteria about gays, racism, transgenders, David Duke, and campus rape. The LA riots. Concerns over the EU. War in Eastern Europe. A massive Republican midterm swing.

2. UK goes even further than Russia in its surveillance laws

3. Tracey points to a (long-term) disadvantage of the Electoral College

4. “Using those search terms, N. predicted the outcome in unpolled states more accurately than demographic models of the Republican electorate.” -Lots of good stuff here.

5. “Darkness is good” -Bannon

6. Celebrating Trump in a deep blue state (California???)

7. Bob Murphy on Trump’s Final 2-Minute Ad

8. Did SJWry or GOPe backlash help Trump more?

Saturday Assorted Links

1. Interesting point about the LAT/USC poll

2. This is a good point

3. Trump settles with Trump University students, contradicting tough stance on campaign trail

4. Steve Kornacki was right, Josh Barro wrong

5. The rise of the GOP under Barack Obama was clear for all to see. Obama was as ruinous for the Democratic Party as Eisenhower was for the Republican.

6. Good question

7. Christie Republicans tended to be marginal Clinton voters, but traditionally Republican. Trump was the antithesis of Jeb! Play around.

8. Third arrest in Macomb County corruption investigation

Friday Assorted Links 2

1. Good reminder

2. In defence of the electoral college. I support a nationwide popular vote, but only if the 23rd amendment is repealed and Arlington is made part of DC. Arguments against a nationwide popular vote are obsolete.

3. The right way to resist Trump. Good piece.

4. #DumpPence

5. Donald Trump correctly predicted he would get states no Republican can get

6. The three counties Clinton overperformed Obama in New York State

7. Florida early vote was bad for Clinton

8. “Clinton swept all of the wealthy and white Protestant enclaves in Connecticut that always vote Republican. Clinton won Darien by 12 points — a 43-point improvement over 2012. She won New Canaan by 10 points, a 39-point gain.

9. Gary North’s plan for the border

10. Steve Bannon is very problematic

Viable Contenders’ For the Presidency 2015 Announcement Speeches

Trump’s announcement speech, beginning with describing America’s problems and his opponents’:

Sounds authentic, concrete, and barely scripted, even though not entirely true.

Jeb Bush’s speech, beginning with telling his mother to tell the audience to sit down (it does not get better):

The whole speech is comedy and hypocrisy. Just listen to it. I don’t think there’s a more genuinely funny figure in this campaign season than Jeb Bush.

Marco Rubio’s speech, beginning with his promoting the Project for a New American Century:

This dude’s a plastic robot.

Ted Cruz’s speech, beginning by advertising his illustrious parentage:

Remember, this guy was the biggest demagogue of the 2016 campaign. Dude’s very self-centered.

Hillary’s speech, beginning by talking about Herself, followed by “America getting ahead” rhetoric:

This speech is smug.

Friday Assorted Links

1. What Trump’s victory tells boys everywhere

2. Half a million Arizonans voted on pot legalization, but did not vote for either of the two candidates for president

3. Absolute scum Yglesias discovers the rule of law

4. How to keep winning

5. Southwest has largest share of illegal immigrant children

6. Unrestricted brutality and air power against disorganized forces is no guarantee of victory

Coattails (Northville, MI)

Northville is a typical rich Republican outer suburb of Detroit which went for Kasich in the primary and flipped from Romney to Hillary. The results from the Oakland County portion of Northville are shown below.
#NeverTrump Kasich cucks were much less likely to abandon downballot Republican candidates than pro-Trump Berniecrats were to abandon downballot Democratic ones. Hillary had positive coattails, but Trump’s negative ones were far smaller.