The States that Trended to Trump form a Winning Electoral College Coalition
Above: the states that swung more toward Trump than did the national popular vote.

The Democrats since Gore have really been playing the Herbert Hoover New South strategy to great effect (of course, much of the Electoral College effect has not been visible outside Virginia and North Carolina). However, the Old South has trended heavily Republican since then, with HRC losing Elliot County, KY, Colleton County, SC, Quitman County, GA, and Westmoreland County, VA -all of which went for Obama in 2012.

BTW, Florida goes blue, and that’s a 269-269 Electoral College situation.


2016: The Year of National Liberation

2016 was a year of national liberation. It is the much-awaited-for beginning of the remediation of all the disasters that have accumulated around the world since 2011 (the real strange and awful year, in my humble opinion, with only 2014 and 2013 close behind). Duterte was elected in the Philippines, bringing a new age of pragmatism to that country’s politics. Brexit, opposed by a strange union of anti-market left-wingers and rich wall street types (almost never a good combination) for reasons that struck me as, at least on the Left, highly duplicitous, passed by a respectable margin, throwing the elites into hysterics. No other event, not even Trump’s sensible calls for friendliness with Russia in mid-to-late December, attracted so much hysteria from the filthy establishment press when it happened. The reaction to Trump’s win on the night of November 8 did not come close to the sheer quantity of scrambled brains that happened late in the evening of the 23 of June. In Syria and Iraq, the situation remains mixed, with ISIS and the rebels having lost more territory than they gained, but ISIS recapturing Palmyra late in the year after its loss of it in May, testifying to the continued weakness of the Syrian Arab Army and the incompetence of the Russian Air Force. Mosul remains a tough nut to crack for the always-incompetent Iraqi Armed Forces. ISIS was substantively defeated in Libya, and al-Qaeda lost al-Mukalla to government forces in Yemen, as Houthi North Yemen held on to its effective independence. The Gambia also experienced a welcome shift in power late this year. Sadly, however, the Freedom Party of Austria failed to win in a golden opportunity just after Trump’s victory via a flawed campaign strategy, to be clearly contrasted with Nigel Farage’s successful one.

Russia’s elections resulted in a big win for the Russian establishment.

This year has been a great one for showing the duplicity, the scumminess, and the absolute untrustworthiness of every branch of the mainstream press in every corner of the First World. They form a bubble completely disconnected from the real world, and their manifest failures this year -too numerous to count here- demonstrated them to be unworthy of America’s public attention.

The economy wasn’t bad this year, but it wasn’t good, either. If it was good, the election outcomes would have been quite different. If it was bad, Hofer might have pulled out a win.

What remains the most surprising occurrence to me this year is not any of the phenomena that shocked the filthy elites, but Hillary Clinton’s primary victory -how could so many Blacks, Hispanics, and urban Democrats vote for such a flagrantly corrupt and establishment-embodying person? Don’t these people want to better their condition? Don’t these people want free healthcare, for goodness’ sakes? Why would these people have so much love for the candidate of Goldman Sachs? Thankfully, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who openly encouraged most of the establishment’s very worst instincts, from mindless Russophobia, to support for Black crime and criminals, to massive overreliance on Wall Street donations, to calling the Saudis an important ally (in what?), to complete lack of concern for Constitutional principles, suffered a narrow, but clear loss in nearly every state that mattered, including my home state of Michigan. Otherwise, this year would have had extremely different consequences for the future, and I would not be writing this with anything near the sense of optimism I am now. Like it or not, sometimes, in a reversal of my dictum, the world does not revolve around Moscow. Sometimes, the world revolves around Washington. And this is the first man who’s come to Washington who has been so hated inside it, as well as in his home county of Manhattan. Good.

Good year; 4/5. Would watch again.

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The Coalition of the Fringes is Antithetical to Vermonter Progressivism

The coalition of the fringes/rising American electorate/Obama coalition/Clinton coalition is often portrayed by particularly optimistic Democrats as a harbringer of progressive politics in America. However, compared to the present party system’s Republican coalition, the present party system’s Democratic coalition is

*less equal, both cognitively and economically

*less married, less fertile and more dysgenic

*more crime-prone


*of somewhat lower income

*less native-born

*more densely populated (ergo, with worse traffic, worse air quality)

Basically, it’s the Beltway and Manhattan on a grand scale.

Needless to say, this is not a recipe for an egalitarian, low-poverty, high (but not too high) income, low-rent, low-crime, picket-fence America progressives envision. But the portion of the Democratic electorate that did fit that profile did vote for Sanders. Just look at the Democratic primary vote in heavily Republican Livingston county, MI.