Ron Paul really was a Detroit Republican

This was always one of the more eyebrow-raising points of Paul’s message, but the facts are clear: even after the “racist newsletter” controversy, Paul still ended up getting more votes in the 2012 GOP primary in Detroit, MI, than all the candidates in the 2016 GOP primary combined, with 46.6% of the GOP vote in Detroit. In second place? Rick Santorum, with 34%. Willard Mitt only got 11 percent of the GOP vote in the city of his birth. Apparently, Paul’s social liberalism on drugs and prostitution really attracted Blacks tired of prohibition. Rick Santorum almost certainly got what he got in Detroit due to his strong nationalist stance on immigration and trade. It wasn’t just Barack Obama -Romney was a uniquely terrible candidate for Black people. Compare the 2016 GOP primary map in MI with the 2012 one. The only reason Paul overperformed his MI numbers in Wayne County was due to his extraordinary performance in Black-majority precincts.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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