1. HRC embraced the most pro-abortion position ever for a Dem nominee while supposedly attempting to appeal to “suburban moderates”

2. The plurality of “Russian hacker IP addresses” are Tor exit nodes (i.e., usable by anyone)

3. Trump on the late USSR

4. Indians in Fort Bend, TX. BTW, the implicit assumption that Indians are “natural conservatives” is bullshit. They overwhelmingly went for Bernie (and I suspect “uncommitted” in 2008) in the primary and Hillary and Obama in the general (at least, in my precinct) and are generally both socially and fiscally liberal. The fact they are generally less promiscuous in their personal lives than Jews does not mean their political views are any different in nature. The vast majority of “locals who regularly vote for conservatives but were put off by Donald Trump’s remarks” in Fort Bend county were White cuckservatives.