Tennessee is a Republican state. It could easily have all Republican House seats, with each being in at least the high 50s sweet spot necessary to ensure partisan security. But it doesn’t do so. Instead, it has two Democratic seats, one surrounding Nashville, one surrounding Memphis, with the rest easily safe (over 60%) Republican. I’m not entirely sure why (Voter Rights Act?), but it is a question worth pursuing. The same could be said of South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana (in which case the Voter Rights Act probably applies), Kentucky (one unnecessary Dem seat around Louisville), Texas (one of the least gerrymandered states in the country), Nebraska (they don’t even need to have a competitive district), and Missouri and Indiana (both of which need only one solid Dem district for the others to remain safe GOP). Texas could easily add at least nine Republicans to its House delegation (and probably eliminate all eleven Dem seats under the assumptions that #NeverTrump Republicans would still vote for their Republican House member and the Voting Rights Act would be ignored by the courts).