Saturday Assorted Links

1. Ellison’s loss caused by Jewish forces

2. Sanctimony cities

3. Fascism

4. Kamala Harris 2020

5. Congratulations to Thomas Perez

6. Trump in four tweets

7. On wokeness politics

8. The great Twitter purge

9. The War hawks roll Donald Trump

10. Should social media be regulated as common carriers

Friday Assorted Links

1. Scott Alexander writes what is by far his worst and least defensible post. The only only part of it which has even a hint of a legitimate point is 6.1, and even there it does not explain pundits who don’t even know Brooklyn, like a certain Kaul Prubman.

2. Tracey goes on the offensive

3. Good point on Milo and Trump

4. Cuomo goes overboard

5. How the DNC became a group therapy session

6. Google memory holes Natural News. Good cause, bad means.

Wednesday Assorted Links

1. The second 2012 Baldwin-Thompson debate. Man, what a change in sides!

2. A surprisingly accurate article on the alt-right and its discontents

3. Keith Gessen on understanding Putinology

4. Good tweet on Milo

5. Draining the swamp

6. Not charged, but imprisoned for 16 months and counting

7. After Trump’s win, approval of how Republican leaders are doing soars among Republicans. John McCain’s approval rating is the same with Republicans as with Democrats.

8. Despite having a far more favorable opinion of GOP congressional leaders than Trump (unlike most Republicans), younger Republicans are far less likely to be anti-Russia than older Republicans.