Sunday Assorted Links

1. Worries about the great sellout

2. Andrew Sullivan actually writes a good article, for once. Read the comments; they’re gold.

3. Raimondo on the great sellout

4. France is cooked

5. The decline and fall of rebel aspirations in Ghouta

6. Maduro: Venezuela’s worst president?

7. LIFE Magazine’s The Case for Warren (for non-American readers, Governor Earl Warren of California would be later confirmed as Supreme Court Justice by Eisenhower in 1952 and become perhaps the most radical dictator America has ever seen in its history)

8. The carbon tax question


As I predicted, there were not enough Dems for Ossoff to win in the first round

I think I summarized my thoughts on Georgia’s sixth congressional district well in my Heart of Atlanta post.
The sixth congressional district:

Left: this Tuesday’s results (credit: NYTimes)
Center: Swing between the 2016 and 2012 presidential election results (credit: DDHQ)
Right: 2016 Republican primary results (blue=Trump, green=Rubio; credit: Ryne Rohla)

Bullshit candidates are excluded from all charts, for obvious reasons.

There were somewhat more Dems in this district than I thought, though. Certainly, many only became so due to Trump’s campaign run. Attendance for Tuesday’s special election was well above expectations, and even higher than in the 2016 presidential primary.

Friday Assorted Links

1. Tennessee goes for corporate welfare instead of allowing lower-cost city-owned internet network to expand

2. People go to church for the sermons

3. As standards rise to college level in High School, they fall to Middle School levels in College

4. Steve King disappointed about Trump failing to end DACA. King’s district had one of the largest concentrations of Obama-Trump voters in the country.

5. Bluepiller on why the red pill works

6. Kim Jong Un’s New Look. I’m liking him a lot better than Kim Jong Il, but still not a fan.

60 Responses for my quiz of politieconomical knowledge

The summary statistics are these:

Mean 7.4 (out of 21)
Standard Error 0.259508445
Median 7
Mode 7
Standard Deviation 2.010143768
Sample Variance 4.040677966
Kurtosis -0.920193616
Skewness 0.034711704
Range 7
Minimum 4
Maximum 11
Sum 444
Count 60
Download a Copy of Harding’s Quiz #1 (Responses).

The most frequently missed question was the one on Goldwater’s share of the vote in Mississippi. Only four out of sixty got that one right, and the correct response option was the one the smallest number chose. Apparently, Goldwater’s segregationist appeal has been memory holed by everyone except election junkies.

The most correctly answered question was the one on whether percentage Black or percentage gun owners best predicts the homicide rate. This was a two-option question, so only one way to miss. 90% got this one right. At least we don’t need to be at that dead horse.

Hillary’s use of Republican rhetoric was successful: the majority wrongly mistook Her pronouncements for either Juan McSame or Willard Mitt Romney. Whoever answered Donald Trump wasn’t really reading, because that’s clearly a “he thinks” at the end.

The South African GDP per capita question was one where conventional racist bias fails the one using it. And most people failed that one. Come on, guys, on rare occasion, Black rule can improve on White rule in some ways.
The answers:

The lowest poverty rate county in Michigan question was correctly answered by the majority, but I think it required Googling the answer to really be sure of, because that answer isn’t really intuitive.

Sunday Assorted Links

1. I would much rather be governed by young people than old people. Even if they did support Remain.

2. Public confidence in science has remained stable for decades

3. Obama had more balls than Trump

4. One of the few good MSM articles (mentioning al-Qaeda)

5. Beating the West in the art of propaganda (not that hard to do)

6. Graham is a case for something, though not what he advocates for

Who supports the Tomahawk strikes against Sharyat airbase?

Triple parentheses used as necessary to indicate Jewish ancestry.


Donald Trump

Elderly Americans

Nikki Haley, that foul Indian





(((Jared Kushner)))


Every major newspaper editor

Every major TV commentator

Three quarters of the Senate

The (((neocons)))

(((Mark Levin)))

Sundance of the Conservative Treehouse (whiplash from previous position)

Hillary Clinton

Anne-Marie Slaughter

Hillary is 44 (pro-Trump site)

French, UK, Saudi, (((Israeli))) govts


Young Americans

Scott Greer

Scott Adams

Socialist Twitter

(((Noam Chomsky)))

(((Michael Savage)))

(((Glenn Greenwald)))

(((Matt Yglesias)))

Steve Bannon

Tulsi Gabbard




(((Mark Krikorian)))

(((Mickey Kaus)))

Rand Paul

Pretty much all Pepes

Iraqi government

Various people in the Breitbart comments section

  • So, no real Jewish tendency to support the strikes. But a very strong establishment tendency to do so. If these strikes were good for anything, it is to be a kind of ultraviolet light to tell true friends of the people from perfidious elites.


Friday Assorted Links

1. How (((wealthy donors))) drive U.S. aggression

2. No comment. (((Yglesias))) throws out some other good tweets. Pleasantly surprised, coming from such a typically hackish writer.

3. Pivot to puppetry of the Persian Gulf

4. Why I never worried Obama would do what Trump did (though he did create ISIS)

5. The eternal establishment

6. Bolivia is an independent country

7. Americans evenly split over whether the Supreme Court should follow the words of the Constitution

8. Chris Blattman’s Order and Violence Midterm. Interesting.

9. Hungary closes down Soros U

10. Good comment.

Trump: the good and the bad

The good: he’s not Hillary Clinton (a very powerful argument, I must admit).

What we got


End of the TPP

Some weakening of Obamacare

Some degree of tighter immigration enforcement

ISIS legitimately on the run (unlike during O’s administration)

Operation Euphrates Shield ended

Some deregulation

A sound Office of Management and Budget director

More sensible rhetoric than 95% of politicians

The bad: he’s still a godawful president.

Anti-Syrian-government airstrikes (big, big, big deprovement over Obama)

No end to any part of DACA

Wall Street in government

No implementation of the draft executive orders

Mattis, Haley, McMaster


Various anti-trade stuff

Support of a totally corrupt Obamacare replacement

Total lack of principle

Total policy ignorance

Total incompetence

In short, Trump is George Bush -first time as a tragedy, the second time as a farce.