60 Responses for my quiz of politieconomical knowledge

The summary statistics are these:

Mean 7.4 (out of 21)
Standard Error 0.259508445
Median 7
Mode 7
Standard Deviation 2.010143768
Sample Variance 4.040677966
Kurtosis -0.920193616
Skewness 0.034711704
Range 7
Minimum 4
Maximum 11
Sum 444
Count 60
Download a Copy of Harding’s Quiz #1 (Responses).

The most frequently missed question was the one on Goldwater’s share of the vote in Mississippi. Only four out of sixty got that one right, and the correct response option was the one the smallest number chose. Apparently, Goldwater’s segregationist appeal has been memory holed by everyone except election junkies.

The most correctly answered question was the one on whether percentage Black or percentage gun owners best predicts the homicide rate. This was a two-option question, so only one way to miss. 90% got this one right. At least we don’t need to be at that dead horse.

Hillary’s use of Republican rhetoric was successful: the majority wrongly mistook Her pronouncements for either Juan McSame or Willard Mitt Romney. Whoever answered Donald Trump wasn’t really reading, because that’s clearly a “he thinks” at the end.

The South African GDP per capita question was one where conventional racist bias fails the one using it. And most people failed that one. Come on, guys, on rare occasion, Black rule can improve on White rule in some ways.
The answers:

The lowest poverty rate county in Michigan question was correctly answered by the majority, but I think it required Googling the answer to really be sure of, because that answer isn’t really intuitive.

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