1. Canada’s booming; the upper Midwest (exception: Minnesota) isn’t. Also, NAFTA caused shipping U.S. manufacturing jobs to Canada.

2. The uberwonk

3. Assad says the truth

4. The West Wing

5. Funniest thing I read today

6. Your daily dose of slave morality (read the comments) A Lockean interpretation of such a doctrine (see Locke’s Second Treatise, Paragraph 18) would be Grade A subversion of the enemies of truth and beauty, but is not necessary due to the sheer pathetic nature of it.

7. Russia might build a naval base in Aden if peace negotiations succeed in Yemen

8. Carter Page and mindless Dem Establishment thoughtworms

9. Axel McKibbin goes full populist. I have my reservations, but this is a potentially defensible stance.

10. Rising education does not equal rising IQ. I am inclined to agree with Scott Alexander and Bryan Caplan on Tulip subsidies.