Characteristics of the Parties

First Party System


Second Party System


 Third Party System


Fourth Party System


Fifth Party System


Sixth Party System


Seventh Party System


Vermont  Mostly Federalist Solidly Whig  Solidly Republican  Solidly Republican  Solidly Republican  Mostly Republican  Solidly Democrat
Party of Business Interests-Hamiltonian Ends  Federalists  Whigs  Republicans  Republicans  Republicans  Republicans  Republicans
Party of Big Government- Hamiltonian Means  Federalists Unquestionably Whigs (excluding Nullifiers)  Republicans, but tending to both  Both/Neither (tending away from Republicans) Definitely Democrats Definitely Democrats Definitely Democrats
Party of Manhattan Democrats  Democrats, mostly  Democrats  Democrats, mostly Democrats Democrats  Democrats
Party of Primary Industry Democrats Democrats, mostly Democrats Democrats in wheat, Republicans in coal Republicans in wheat, Democrats in coal Republicans in wheat, Democrats in coal Definitely Republicans
Party of States’ Rights Democrats Democrats, for the most part Democrats Democrats, for the most part Neither Members on both sides, but leaning Republican Republicans
Party of Free Trade Democrats Democrats, certainly Democrats Democrats Democrats, but leaning Republicans Generally Republicans At this point, who knows? Mostly Republicans.
 Black Party  No such thing.  Democrats (e.g., Van Buren)? Definitely Republicans  Republicans  Democrats Definitely Democrats Definitely Democrats
 Party of Militarism Federalists Democrats Democrats at first, followed by Republicans during and after the war  Republicans  Both, but more Democrats  Republicans  Republicans
Party of East Virginia Solidly Democrats Solidly Democrats Solidly Democrats Mostly Democrats Mostly Democrats Solidly Republicans Split -trending Democratic
Party of West Virginia Split Split Split Republicans Mostly Democrats Definitely Democrats Definitely Republicans
Party of the Wrong Kind of White People Democrats Democrats Definitely Democrats Democrats Generally Democrats, but trending Republican Both, but trending Republican Republicans
Party of Recent Immigrants Democrats Democrats Democrats (whites only; no Asiatics allowed) Democrats Immigration mostly closed; irrelevant. Mostly Democrats. Split, but more Democrats Democrats
Party of Sound Money Democrats Democrats Democrats Republicans Republicans Republicans Republicans
 Party of Minnesota N/A N/A Solidly Republicans  Republicans Democrats Solidly Democrats Democrats
 Party of Women’s Rights Federalists Both Republicans Republicans Split, but more Republicans Split, but strongly trending Democrats Democrats
 Wisconsin Southeast Germanic Party N/A Democrats Democrats Republicans  Split Republicans Republicans
Voter Turnout Low Soaring High Falling Moderate and Stable Moderate and Falling Moderate and Rising
 Polarization in Congress Rising, peaking, and disappearing Low and shrinking High and rising High and shrinking Very Low and shrinking Low and rising High and rising
Party of serious Catholics N/A Split Democrats Mostly Democrats Democrats Democrats Definitely Republicans
Most Democratic State Kentucky Arkansas, then Texas Georgia South Carolina Mississippi or Georgia Minnesota Vermont
Least Democratic State Connecticut Massachusetts or Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Utah Utah or Wyoming (Whites only: Mississippi)
Biggest Swing towards Democrats N/A Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Minnesota Massachusetts Vermont
Biggest Swing against Democrats N/A Kentucky Illinois Connecticut Nebraska Mississippi West Virginia
Interstate Presidential Popular Vote Polarization ??? First Highest, then persistently Low Moderate Very High Declining (High to Low) Low-Moderate High and Rising

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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