Trump: The Style Guide

Here’s a video of Trump (as linked to by the Lord Keynes, a very Trumpian Berniebro, anti-Marxist, anti-SJW, anti-free-trade, anti-Austrian, anti-neoliberal, and anti-PoMo).

Note that Trump says absolutely nothing wrong and everything right in this video. As this is so, it is not the substance I’m gonna examine here, but the style.

The transcript:

Vladimir Putin today was at the UN,
so is Barack Obama.
They could not be more different when it comes to Syria.
Barack Obama saying he wants Bashar al-Assad removed from power;
Putin says he thinks that’s an enormous mistake, not to cooperate with Vladimir Putin,
which man is right?

so I’ve been saying this for a long time,
and I’ve kept it low.
and I really understand what’s going on in Syria,
because you look at it,
first of all, it’s a total catastrophe,
it’s a total mess,
and we’re helping to make it a mess.
Now we have ISIS.
And ISIS wants to go after Assad.
But we’re knocking the hell out of them,
even though it’s not a very full blown thing,
we’re still dropping bombs all over the place and
you know, look, they’re not exactly loving life over in Syria.
So we’re stopping them to a certain extent from going after Assad.
We have Russia, that’s now there.
Russia’s on the side of Assad
and Russia wants to get rid of ISIS as much as we do, if not more,
because they don’t want them coming in to Russia.
And I’m saying,
“Why are we knocking ISIS, and yet at the same time, we’re against Assad?”
Let them fight, take over the remnants,
but more importantly, let Russia fight ISIS, if they want to fight them.
Let them fight them.
In Syria.
Now we can fight them in Iraq,
but if you think about Iraq,
we’ve spent two trillion dollars,
thousands of lives lost,
wounded warriors who we love and I love all over the place-
why don’t we have it Iraq?-
And did you see-


You said you’d put ground troops in Iraq…


Well, what we’re going to have to do

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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