Kadesh=Carchemish? Really? Ramesses=Necho? WTF!

I continue my critique of the Velikovskyans. The Hittite, Assyrian and Egyptian Kadesh is identified by scholars as being Tell Nebi Mend, the largest tell within a four mile radius of itself, called “Tell Neby Mendeh” in earlier works, 34°33’26″N, 36°31’10″E, inhabited from the Middle Bronze into the Iron Age, with a destruction by the … Continue reading “Kadesh=Carchemish? Really? Ramesses=Necho? WTF!”

Kadesh, Tell Qudeirat and Hazar-Addar

‘Ain Qudeirat is often thought to be the “Kadesh of Scripture”. However, this opinion ignores several things- firstly, that there is a distinction between “Kadesh”, or the Quseima area, Gen 16:14, “Kadesh-Barnea”/”Rithmah”/”Kadesh in Paran”, or Wady Abu Retemat, the reddish plain NW of Meribah, “Meribah”, or ‘Ain Qudeis (30°35’2″N, 34°29’3″E), shown by Ezekiel to be … Continue reading “Kadesh, Tell Qudeirat and Hazar-Addar”

A Few Words On Syria: Part 1

When I started this blog, Syria used to be the most stable country in the Middle East to the East of the Suez Canal besides Iran. When I looked at the Google Earth imagery of Syria three years ago and saw the webpages of excavation teams of western universities operating in Syria, it was easy … Continue reading “A Few Words On Syria: Part 1”

Sources for Second Nahas Video

Areas A&S radiocarbon dates. Area M radiocarbon dates. The Nahas Areas A&S Plans. The Kuntillet ‘Ajrud plan. The info on the Kuntillet ‘Ajrud pottery. The info on the cultic site at ‘Ain el-Qudeirat (Kadesh Barnea? Azmon? Hazar-Addar?). On Lateral Access Podium (sometimes wrongly called “bit hilani” or “four-room house”) buildings. The Nahas pottery and stratigraphy. … Continue reading “Sources for Second Nahas Video”

Finkelstein Shown Right Once Again

A petrographic analysis has shown the Negevite pottery did not come from the Southern Negev Highlands, but from the Northern Negev and Feinan. Effectively proof of Finkelstein’s contention that the Tel Masos chiefdom, under the influence of Gaza’s demand for copper, was responsible for the settling down of pastoralists, who began to work at the … Continue reading “Finkelstein Shown Right Once Again”


This is my official, but tenative and incomplete, Archaeological Chronology of Palestine and the lands surrounding it, heavily based on the work of Israel Finkelstein and Lily Singer-Avitz. At present, anything above the Chalcolithic on this page should not be seen as reliable. Links are provided for references. It is, as all my other pages, … Continue reading “Chronology”

Reading “The Winged Disk of Judah”- Part 2

Here, Stewart outlines some of his other theses. 1. Hatti=Kaldu Now, this is really facepalm-worthy. The Indo-European Hittite language has been understood to a good degree. So has Semitic Chaldean. They are not the same. Chaldean is more related to Aramaic than any other language, as JD has shown in the Ur debate. While Stewart’s … Continue reading “Reading “The Winged Disk of Judah”- Part 2”

Pattern-Seeking: Ingeniousness and Stupidity

Or, “How Much Evidence Can One Ignore?”. Velikovsky was ingenious. Avaris=el-Arish=City of Amalek? Ramses=Necho? Hatshepsut=Queen of Sheba? Jezreel=Gubla? Jerusalem=Thutmoside Kadesh? Carians=Hurrians? Carchemish=Ramesside Kadesh? All these false equations thought up by Velikovsky were ingenious. They are also spectacularly wrong. These identifications required Velikovsky to ignore mountains of evidence contrary to his thesis, yet, they had such … Continue reading “Pattern-Seeking: Ingeniousness and Stupidity”