Arise, allies. This is the Marginal Counterrevolution. Since so many seem to be clicking on the About page without even thinking, let me explain something: this blog was founded by E. Harding, who is pithom, founder of the Against Jebel al-Lawz WordPress blog, who became tired with the deletion of dozens upon dozens of his numerous helpful and appropriate comments from Marginal Revolution. I had been commenting on Marginal Revolution for nearly a year (minus a few days) before the founding of this blog. This blog was founded on Friday, December 4, 2015, near midnight, Eastern Time. No doubt it will help lead to a full-scale counterrevolution against Tyler Cowen and his ally Tabarrok by perpetual subversion and, if need be, insurgency.

Comments are free and open, and ground rules will be established as time goes on. For the Against Jebel al-Lawz comment policy (not updated for quite a while), see here. This blog earns no money for its author, and is unlikely to do so in the foreseeable future. I am perfectly fine with your control of what your browser displays on this blog’s pages.

I do not reveal my email addresses to the general public. If I want to communicate with you by email, I’ll contact you. If you want to contact me privately, send me a PGP-encrypted comment, as seen below (scroll down to the very bottom of this About page for its comment section). Post your public key along with your PGP-encrypted comment! My public key is here. Download the file by clicking the download button at the top, then save the file and import it into your PGP application. For a PGP application to decrypt PGP-encrypted comments, each of the four long dashes at the beginning and end must be replaced with five minus signs. Obviously, I would not recommend this if I hadn’t tried it myself. For newbies to PGP, I recommend the below video, recorded by none other than the man of Snow himself:

Though I recommend use of gpg4usb in place of gpg4win, for various reasons. In gpg4win, GPA is still very much preferable to Kleopatra.

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