Is the “Frontier Growth Effect” Overrated?

Such a policy can also benefit the source countries because of the “frontier growth effect”. Taking India as an example source country, I find that the same policy would lead to faster long-run growth and a 0.9% increase in average welfare in India.

-Which is why the Cuban and Chinese economies really benefited from the Cuban and Chinese brain diasporas.* It depends on how good a country is at utilizing undrained brains and how far it is from the frontier for the frontier growth effect to have an effect.

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*Obvious sarcasm.

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How skilled is Syed Farook’s dad, an occasionally-employed truck driver and wife beater? Does Pakistan want him back, or are they content that America has got him?

-This is irrelevant to what Tyler is talking about. Tyler’s talking about guys like Nadella, not low-skilled Pakistanis (of which there are plenty in America; they are even more plentiful in Britain).

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They’re not comparable, prior to the revolution Cuba was significantly more developed than the DR. By the late 1950s Cuban GDP levels were higher than Italy and Japan. No other countries in the Spanish Caribbean could boast anything close to that.

-Maybe so, but maybe Cuba would have stagnated anyway, like Argentina did. And, in any case, the Axis Powers were really poor in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Trump Takes not a Bow to Zion and Its Elders

But after being introduced as “a mensch with chutzpah,” the billionaire got booed for refusing to promise that he would move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem if elected. He did not back away from comments he made to the Associated Press the day before, in which he suggested that peace depends on Israel being “willing to sacrifice certain things.”

But the most memorable parts of his presentation were a series of jokes that played on centuries-old Jewish stereotypes, including that people of the faith are stingy or money grubbing. “I’m a negotiator — like you folks,” he said at one point. “Is there anyone here who doesn’t negotiate deals?” Making matters worse, Trump repeatedly said that the people in the room were never going to back him because he is self-funding his campaign. “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money,” he said. The comments made waves in the Israeli media.

And Carson remains attempting to speak of matters out of his league:

That did not stop him from repeatedly mispronouncing Hamas. He called the terror group “hummus,” like the chickpea spread, but then alternated to different pronunciations at other moments. Trying to show a command of foreign policy, he rattled off a bunch of events from Israel’s history.

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