Anything from H. L. Mencken.
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Roughly half of Thomas Sowell’s “Random Thoughts
“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”-Carl Sagan
“Have you ever heard of disinformation?” “Yes. It’s that silly buzzword that conspiracy theorists bring up when their pet ideas are found to be silly.” –LonesomeTroubadour
“European exploitation of Native Americans proceeded without any need for intellectual discourse on Indianism.”-Daniel Martin Varisco
“You can’t print prosperity.”-Andy Kessler
“Is anyone seriously going to decide that [a human heart cell] is human and deserving of all of the rights and protections we accord to adult people?”-PZ Myers
“Reality is such a bully! It just won’t allow people to choose their own truths!”-Sastra. Emphasis in original.
“[B]y this “logic” the French were clearly behind the attack on Pearl Harbor, as they benefited the most from it.”-Pat
“I believe I’ve found a way to make AA watchable. If you watch from the point of view that all of the contributors are living in a communal compound for people who’ve had this specific type of break from reality and what you’re watching is part of their taped therapy sessions it’s not as infuriating.”-T.
“The only ‘code’ that exists is in the mind of the perpetrator of the dilettantism. And it only exists there because their imagination is overly fertilized- and we all know what fertilizer is made of.”-Iacobus Occidentalis, Flagellum Dei
“Extremists are useful to accommodationists, but not vice versa.”-Atheist Etiquette
“In my experience, the main reason things get done so irrationally in large organizations is that those who have the most direct knowledge of what’s wrong have the least power to fix it—another example of the poor internalization of consequences of actions in a hierarchy.”-Kevin Carson
“I’m not sure I see a significant difference between longing to return to some New Age, pseudo-Gnostic “original” Christianity and the Evangelicals, who also think they have possession of the one truth about the original teachings of Christ. In both cases, the groups see the world as fallen from grace and seek to replace secular government with more palatable versions tied to their religious values.”-the good Jason Colavito
“Some American liberals have sneered at our holding before the new nations the picture of American free private enterprise as a model. I do not say they are wrong in their attitude. Given the conditions of population and poverty that exist, as well as the almost total absence of the institutions and values that a system of free private enterprise requires for its successful operation, the prescription might as well be Coca-Cola.”-Robert Nisbet
“How would we have reacted if Moscow had brought Western Europe into the Warsaw Pact, established bases in Mexico and Panama, put missile defense radars and rockets in Cuba, and joined with China to build pipelines to transfer Mexican and Venezuelan oil to Pacific ports for shipment to Asia?”-Pat Buchanan
“Political war: I want your stuff. Religious war: God says I can have your stuff.”-shawnpg
What is the difference between the “supernatural” and the “paranormal?” Press.”-Sastra
“Maybe money can’t buy happiness — but poverty can’t buy ANYTHING.”-stardreamer42
“I’ve decided that everyone has brains like swiss cheese, full of holes, but some people have giant, Jesus- (or Mo-) shaped holes in their brains that create huge dysfunctional zones. If you can avoid tripping into their religious cavities, they’re fine…but if you do, hellooooo stupid.”-PZ Myers
“The hallmark of GOOD design is simplicity. Anything that’s more complex than it has to be is not well designed.”-A Hermit
“There are caterpillars and there are butterflies. But have you ever seen a half caterpillar / half butterfly? Nope! So the caterpillar does not become another animal. That would be rick-diculous!”-Daniel Brown
“If prayers helped, no country would lose a war, no team would be beaten in sports, and, there would be no hurricanes and earthquakes. Prayers are for weak and irrational people who want something for nothing, and don’t accept realities of life.”-Jack from Las Vegas
“The name is imperialist in origin, which is ironic because the “P”alestinians allege that the Jewish presence is inherently imperialistic.”-Yale Zussman
“To dwell on Islam’s scriptures is akin to interpreting the United States solely through the lens of the Constitution; ignoring the country’s history would lead to a distorted understanding.”-Daniel Pipes
“It’s like the lotto. You can’t get saved if you don’t play!” -Bill Maher on Pascal’s Wager (from “Religulous”, 10 min, 36 sec in)
“Apparently, to shallow thinkers, the only thing that’s objectionable about religious fundamentalists is that they express their beliefs with emphasis.”-Azkyroth
“How many people in general (let alone people in the gaming community) look forward with anticipation and excitement to the opportunity to learn more about the Lord Jesus Christ?”-Sastra
“Where children are concerned, nothing involving an adult is ever really voluntary.”-Jack Collins
“You don’t have to pass an IQ test to be a Senator, though.”-Sen. Mark Pryor, briefly the oldest Youngest Senator in U.S. history (from “Religulous”, 38 min, 19 sec in).
“And, as I say, I think that the, I think that Nelson Mandela looms so large over this entire trip, and obviously the relationship between the first African-American president of South Africa and the first African-American president of the United States is a, is a, is a powerful symbol of where we are.”-Dan Balz
“Why not just call him ‘Jesus the Jihadist’ and get straight to the point that Aslan is trying to project?”-robsville
“Worth mentioning: Big Pharma would profit far more if people stopped vaccinating, given how much more expensive treatment is than prevention.”-Gray Falcon
“The Nicene Creed is not a profession of the basic orthodoxy of the Christian faith. It’s a rationality test.”-PZ Myers
“Any technology, no matter how primitive, is magic to those who don’t understand it.”-Florence Ambrose
“If your beliefs are entangled with reality, they should be contagious among honest folk.”-Eliezer Yudkowsky
“Your link is to an article in Homeopathy. Are you kidding us?.. Akin to “A New Approach to Transforming Pb into Au by Exploiting Quantum Electrokinematics” appearing in the pages of Alchemy Illustrated.”-windriven
“The very fact that a religious person would be afraid of God withdrawing Its threat to punish them for committing murder, shows that they have a revulsion of murder which is independent of whether God punishes murder or not.”-Eliezer Yudkowsky
“He never said a word in favor of education. He never even hinted at the existence of any science. He never uttered a word in favor of industry, economy or of any effort to better our condition in this world.”-Robert Ingersoll on Jesus
“What he really meant by non-reductionist science, was that as a “non-reductionist scientist”, one is allowed to throw up one’s hands, and say that there is no explanation for something.”-Phil_Goetz5
“Reality, we have learned to our shock, is not a collection of separate magisteria, but a single unified process governed by mathematically simple low-level rules.”-Eliezer Yudkowsky
“Why does Aslan look back fondly at the good ol’ atheists? Probably because they’re dead.”-Sastra
“Dawkins handily disposes of comments that he’s a racist (he agrees that human races do exist; Islam is just not one of them) and a bigot; that atheists don’t win Nobel Prizes (how could someone say something so ignorant?); and that Nobel prizes are worthless.”-the good Jerry Coyne
“When I saw Ayaan Hirsi Ali essentially saying that she’d be okay with Muslims converting to Christianity, I was absolutely shocked. How can someone recommend Christianity when it’s responsible for denying millions of people today who cannot marry their loved ones because Christians don’t approve of the genders/sexes involved??? How can a person from Africa, a continent that was abused and exploited by men carrying a cross, say that it’s okay to be a Christian or that it’s preferable to be a Christian than a Muslim??? To me, that’s like saying I’d prefer drinking a bottle of alkaline over a bottle of acid.”-Jason Macker
“Mythology is simply religion with no living adherents. Atheists would say we are currently living in a “storytelling epoch dominated by mythological archetypes”….just that now it’s an Abrahamic god mythology instead of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, etc.” –chgoliz
“Yet here’s my quick reaction: If the future state of the physical universe is indeterminate (in a particular sense, specified by quantum theory), that doesn’t leave a window through which one’s mind can influence the future. For example, if the electron has a 50/50 chance of going through the top or the bottom slit, then we have no more control over what happens, than if there were the Newtonian 100/0 situation.”-Robert P. Murphy
“In one [Creationism] god left a book, in the other [Intelligent Design] god left a book and fingerprints. I think one of these is more compatible with science than the other. So I bet does Bob. We differ on which it is.”-Ken B.
“It is typical of creationists to exploit disagreements between evolutionists as proof that neo-Darwinism is dead while at the same time hiding their own disagreements from the public.”-the good Jerry Coyne
“They admit that a multitude of forms, which till lately they themselves thought were special creations, and which are still thus looked at by the majority of naturalists, and which consequently have every external characteristic feature of true species, — they admit that these have been produced by variation, but they refuse to extend the same view to other and very slightly different forms. Nevertheless they do not pretend that they can define, or even conjecture, which are the created forms of life, and which are those produced by secondary laws. They admit variation as a vera causa in one case, they arbitrarily reject it in another, without assigning any distinction in the two cases.”-Charles Darwin on those imagining an “Edge of Evolution”
“No scientist has yet been able to present a “Theory B” that includes a God variable that produces more accurate results under Conditions C than any comparable theory that lacks a God variable.”-Alonzo Fyfe
“Most scientists are happy to say that they don’t know what happened before the Big Bang. That is humility for you. They don’t resort to the God of the gaps argument and then assert that they are 100% correct.”-BigNowitzki
“According to the Egyptologist, since measuring wheels have pi built in to them, it’s almost impossible to use them to lay out a structure without introducing Pi.”-Loss Leader
“If we construe “Islamophobia” as “fear of Muslims” and not “hatred of Muslims,” then the press is guilty of it far more than is Dawkins. In the end, they pick on the easy victim, for Richard isn’t going to kill his journalistic critics.”-the good Jerry Coyne
“”Who defined Self-sacrificing Love? God in His Son, Jesus Christ!” It is a powerful story, I’ll give you that. Except when you consider that an omnicient God/Jesus knew he wasn’r REALLY going to die, so it was never really a sacrifice because nothing was lost. I dare say this non-sacrifice is NOTHING compared to the sacrifice of parents whose children go to war and die for their country.”-jarandeh
“What I have always wondered is why, if alternative types are so worried about the Freemasons infiltrating government and business to manipulate at will, they do not join the Freemasons, infiltrate them from the inside, and redirect their power toward making the world a better place?”-the good Jason Colavito
“And he never tells you anything that disagrees fundamentally with your views; he’s never going to tell a lifelong Republican to vote Democrat, or vice versa. And before he speaks to you, God does a lot of careful research on your interpretation of scripture, to ensure everything he says matches exactly with whatever you already think his holy book tells us.”-Sadetec
““free speech” is the last defense of a wicked coward, who, unable to defend their words on their own merits, must hide behind the legality of saying them.”-iplon
“Some believers are fundamentalists about everything, but every believer is a fundamentalist about something.”-the good Jerry Coyne
“Can you imagine a Christian thinking “Wow! Newton and Linnaeus were religious? That does it—I’m embracing evolution!”??”-the good Jerry Coyne
“Arab leaders aren’t waiting for Captain America because they think he will save the day. They are waiting because they want someone else to take responsibility for the horrific violence they know will yet be required to decisively defeat their enemy.”-Gary Gambill
“Just as an aside, the way Vansina’s work is cited in NT scholarship is worse than quote-mining. We need a new term. “Mining” suggests that people are digging through the material, looking for something useful. It’s more like quote-fishing — they drop the hook blindly into the water and see what they can drag out, while they remain cheerfully oblivious to what lies beneath the surface. What Vansina required is exactly what we do not have, and that’s the dirty little secret in historical Jesus scholarship. For all of the clucking about “wrong tools” and bleating about the form critical “error” of examining pericopae in too much isolated detail (as if they invented it), what Rodríguez company really got wrong is this: Our problem lies not with our tool set, our approach, or our methodology; it lies rather with the nature of the evidence itself.”-Tim Widowfield
“If something as momentous, turbulent, and bloody as the “Arab Spring” can erupt and fester for several years, and yet have hardly any observable impact on the life expectancy or economic well-being of the overwhelming majority of Americans, what does that tell you about the true scope of “vital U.S. interests?””-Stephen M. Walt
“What gets my goat about all this help the rebels bull crap is the fact Britain is calling these people who have invaded Syria Rebels yet when we Irish want to take our country back we’re called terrorists even tho they are in my country haha Its hypocrisy of the highest order.”-1798UnitedIrishMen
“In a perfect world, Mr. Obama would have appeared in front of the cameras and would tell the world that the recent declassified documents show that we had made a terrible error. We supported a regime that used weapons of mass destruction and helped that regime to hide its atrocities.”-Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi
“‘The gospels, we are assured, are no different from other ancient accounts of famous historical persons, mixtures of fact and fable.’ To see that, we would have to look at the parallels between the gospels and other ancient accounts of famous historical persons. Isn’t that hard to do when you have been diagnosed with parallelophobia – the inability to see how one work can have any parallels to another work?”-Steven Carr
“If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics.”-Attributed to Stalin since at least 1947
“But if Mises, Bush, and Clinton are all neoliberals, then the word as used by people like Higgins, must not have any precise meaning whatsoever.”-Ryan McMaken
“The truth is, there are a lot of countries, each of which is the most noble cause possible to die for. I only regret that I have but one life to lose for but one country.”-The Onion
“Guarantee next time I’m in a movie theater: “You wouldn’t block a car. You wouldn’t block a purse. So why would you block an ad? Blocking ads is not a victimless crime- it’s piracy. And also, terrorism. Don’t be a cock- don’t block!””-mafiaking1936
“Dawkins is unforgivably narcissistic to have chosen himself for the subject of this autobiography.”-Andy Skuce, writing with great sarcasm
“Just like fire needs oxygen to burn, so does the Israeli right-wing need the hard-liners in Iran to thrive.”-Leviathan212
“There are no “laws of physics,” but just regularities in the universe that appear to be ubiquitously “followed”. People like Brown might argue that the term “laws” implies “lawgiver” and hence God—a confusing misconception unwittingly promulgated by atheistic physicists. But again, this metaphor is not confusing—except, perhaps, to theists who want to see those laws having been decreed by God.”-the good Jerry Coyne, emphasis in original
“His atheism is anti-Muslim by definition, as well as anti-Christian, anti-Buddhist, and anti-Scientologist. That’s not prejudice, it’s justifiable disgust with primitive superstition.”-mswaine
“Sure, your eyes may have passed over the words on the page, perhaps more than once even. But plenty of us drive the same route over and over again without really coming to know the area – until we stop and take a much closer look.”-James McGrath
“Scholarship in the name of justice rarely accomplishes either.” –Alex Joffe
“It is more likely that the conspiracy theorists of our time, trying to get people to stop using vaccines and get fluoride out of the drinking water, are actually themselves working for the interests of the pharmaceutical and dental industries, who only stand to profit if old diseases may a comeback and people’s teeth lack the best protection.”-James McGrath
“Love without evidence is… stalking.” –Tim Minchin
“Okay, simple question. If Assad’s government is not going to be part of any future government, even if the (sic) win elections, than why would they sit down and negotiate their demise with you?”-Amin San
“For that to happen, “historians” (not “theologians”, most of whom, even the most liberal ones, have a personal interest in maintaining the belief in an “historical Jesus” of some kind) would need to come together in an effort to address that very question — “Was there an historical Jesus?” — as opposed to simply making passing references to him as a taken-for-granted figure of popular culture the same way they assume the earth orbits the sun. Have historians “come to a consensus” of astronomy through themselves addressing the physical arguments or simply deferred to popular understanding on this?” –Neil Godfrey
“in the beginning, the opposition welcomed Jihadists & defended them when the U.S labeled Al Nusra terrorists. Now they’re crying foul #Syria” -the good Edward Dark
“You know we live in a shitty world when……Arab dictators are proved right #ArabSpring” -the good Edward Dark
“Hezbollah fights not for itself or #Iran in #Syria but to defend its secularism and Arab socialism! True story!!”-Party of Dog, a parody twitter account.
“Extremism in defense of tyranny is no vice.” –Party of Dog, a parody twitter account, referring to Hezbollah’s support for the Syrian government
“Go wherever the evidence leads” has a corollary: “Don’t go where the evidence doesn’t lead.” –Brian P.
“Have you ever noticed that alternative “researchers” never seem to look at the nuts and bolts of history—say, Varro’s On Agriculture, or Egyptian cosmetics, or Incan animal husbandry? It’s always religion. Gods, demons, monsters. But surely the aliens should have left traces in farming techniques, cosmetics (Enoch says the Watchers taught people how to use makeup), and the everyday necessities of life. These “researchers” don’t care because they aren’t making historical claims but religious ones—trying to create a space for God or gods in a world they fear might otherwise be secular or materialist—hence the attacks on evolution even by ancient astronaut theorists who might conceivably have use for it to explain when came the aliens.” -the good Jason Colavito
“Theology is a branch of philosophy in the same way Alchemy is a branch of chemistry.” –avalpert
“Whatever it may have meant in the past, these days “neoliberalism” is the nonsense word of choice used by Marxists to refer to anyone who rejects communism.”-Steven Plaut
“The bizarre aspect about EG is is they had stayed a Spanish colony, both ordinary Guineans and ordinary Spaniards would be better-off, as the former would have First-World healthcare and social security, whilst the latter would have cheap fuel. With the current status quo, everyone’s a loser.” –Celtiberico
“The new normal in various quarters is to assume that global warming contributes to every extreme weather event and that any discussion of such events should include a climate change context.”-Keith Kloor
“Complaining that the Tea Party doesn’t want to govern is akin to griping that America’s two parties aren’t equipped to make 5 year plans.”-R.S.
“It is about a bunch of seething factions vying for control. At least with Assad you had control. Now you just have clusterfuck.” –JulianG
“Aww. Right there in the First Amendment, after freedom of speech and the press, is the right not to be criticized. Look it up.” –dutchs1
““Look, think about respecting diversity and every individual’s need to be who they are: there’s no right, no wrong, just different. You and I are different, that’s all.” Translation: I am struggling to express my profound revulsion for atheists in a way that won’t immediately incite conflict — or allow it in the future. So shut up.” –Sastra
“While the writing is ham-handed, the special effects in the film are spectacular, the acting is good, and it’s nonetheless a fun summer flick. I recommended downloading it illegally, to avoid creating any more nefarious Space Republicans.” –Andrew Heaton on Elysium
“Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the nominal fine.”-Jon Stewart
“I’m finally done with the mental pygmies on this site. All the partisan haters prove their ignorance. They can’t read, they can’t reason and they sure can’t understand how the world works. Obama has horns and a tail. He breathes fire and is the anti-Christ. Blow me.”-Mac20nline
“I absolutely love the train of thought (or lack thereof) where God can’t use his infinite power to kill the bad population of humans (rain is somehow more efficient a killer than simultaneous heart-attacks or vaporization) or make a miraculous god bubble that protects Noah and his family. Nope, just rain and boat-making demands. Oh, but any logistical plot-holes in the story, like buoyancy issues or the sheer number of animals… then God (obviously) used his unlimited powers.”-BeyondUnderstanding
“The most striking data show that 13 countries mandate the death penalty for people who “either openly espouse atheism or reject the official state religion.”

Guess what that religion is?

Yep, it’s Islam—in all 13 countries. But it’s not the result of religion! No, it’s due to colonial oppression; it’s all political.” -the good Jerry A. Coyne
“The revelation that Qatar had boots on the ground was a well known secret long ago.”-Benjamin Preisler
“When aligning oneself with fighters, it might be best to avoid those deemed moderate.”-Richard Sullivan
“As Hobbes once said, “I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that everyone’s got a price, or the fact that their price is so low.” You can give people a book, and tell them God wrote it, and that’s enough to switch off their moralities; God doesn’t even have to tell them in person.” –Eliezer Yudkowsky
“Yep, always a good plan to persecute the best and brightest. That way those best and brightest not already in jail will leave the country. This will hasten the country’s decline … which is the goal, right?” –Lynna Howard on the Saudi government persecuting apostates
“Saudi Arabia is a harsher dictatorship with less freedom for minorities and women then both Iraq under Saddam and Iran, and yet it is an ‘ally’, while Iraq had to be freed, and now Iran according to some.”-zenlike
“I do not invest in capital that has no economic justification other than the greater fool theory. There are too few fools to keep the scheme going.” –Gary North
“But it’s not a failed program! It’s resulted in a lot of slutty sluts getting pregnant or infected, instead of learning how to slut safely! That’s actually a good thing… if you look at it from the perspective of a horrible human being.”-Moggie on abstinence-only sex education
“Maybe if pot had as many commercials as beer, we wouldn’t let it worry us so much”-Jon Stewart
“What good is heaven if everyone gets in? The problem with abortion is it doesn’t give all those poor little souls a chance to go to hell.”-What a Maroon, el papa ateo
“I don’t really see how confidence in the decision needs to be a requirement anyway. If someone doesn’t know whether they want to have a baby, surely it’s better they don’t. Childbirth, not abortion, is the irreversibly life-changing option.”-robinjohnson
“Look at Warren G Harding. That’s what happens when someone wants to kill a President and doesn’t want anyone to know”-Rich C
“Both sides have agreed that this thing, this rhetorical construct we call GMOs, will be used to talk about something bigger. It’s the setting for a proxy war, like the one in Afghanistan during the 1980s. In that case, people paid attention to the conflict because it was a stand-in for the Cold War. But few people actually cared about the details of Afghan politics — though those details turned out to be crucially important on Sept. 11, 2001.”-Nathanael Johnson
“Biblical slavery was absolutely loverly – just look how the Hebrews fought to remain slaves in Egypt!
Okay, I know the whole Egyptian slavery thing is myth but…”
“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It’s time all True Christians™ stand up together and TAKE BACK AMERICA! I want God-fearing slaves, and I’m sick of people who think they know better than THE LORD telling me I can’t have any!”-Mrs. Mary Whitford
“At this point, it’s hard to imagine how other states would not take U.S. threats at face value. If anything, the U.S. suffers from the opposite problem, which is that its claims of being willing to negotiate and reach peaceful agreements are now very difficult for other states to trust.”-Daniel Larison
“Berezovsky’s proposal to create a fake two party system was too radical for Russia. They are used to the one fake party system.”-J
I’ve been saying for years that, once support for marriage equality reaches about 60 to 70%, the Christians will jump on board, claim that this is what they wanted all along, and then start taking credit for making sure it happens — see slavery and desegregation for egregious examples (the GOP is also good at doing this (big surprise)).-Ogvorbis: Still failing at being human.
“That’s the trouble with murder cases. Someone was murdered. So, he cannot give his side of the story. Therefore, jurors have to Do The Right Thing. They have to look at the victim’s color, as if it were 1955 in Mississippi, only with colors reversed.”-Gary North on leftist race-baiters, with tongue firmly in cheek
“In a country where anyone who speaks out against the witches is soon found dangling by his heels from an oak at midnight with his head shrunk to the size of a baseball, we won’t see a lot of witch-hunting and we know there’s a serious witch problem. In a country where witch-hunting is a stable and lucrative career, and also an amateur pastime enjoyed by millions of hobbyists on the weekend, we know there are no real witches worth a damn.”-Curtis Yarvin
“At the height of the lame, doomed “Red Scare,” the Brown Scare was ten times bigger. You may think it was difficult making a living as a communist screenwriter in 1954. It was a lot easier than being a fascist screenwriter.”-Curtis Yarvin
“SOPHISTICATED THEOLOGIAN™, n. A theologian whose arguments for god are impossible to disprove, by virtue of being impossible to understand.”
“Sophisticated Theologian: Can’t tell what he’s saying, it’s incomprehensible. Speaks in tongues using english words.”
“Sophisticated Theologian: an intelligent person who, concerned by the flaws that he can see in the arguments for God, and alarmed by the possibility that he may have wasted his life worshipping an imaginary being, justifies himself by producing an argument for God so obscure that he can no longer see the flaws in it.”
Above three definitions from here.
“”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
The New York Times would now call that dream an attempt to ‘oppress minorities’ and a ‘naive version of racial justice”.”-jb
“In light of the dire predictions of population decline, the government might well rethink its discriminatory attitude toward births out of wedlock, which have been a critical factor contributing to the increase in fertility rates in other advanced economies. In France, for instance, out-of-wedlock births rose from about one-tenth of all births to over half in the last three decades.”-The New York Times Editorial Board. No, this is not satire. What are you laughing at?
“Global elites pushed horizontal open borders while they hover over us. So, as revenge, the masses in ELYSIUM demand vertical open ladders so that the globo-elites cannot snobbishly hover over them.”-alice cullen rules
“One should never trust the lower classes with one’s accoutrements. That sort of thing can only lead to trouble.” AngelBob on the phrase “check your privilege”.
“Those who claim that inflation is vastly understated often appeal to the authority of Shadowstats, a site that purports to provide true measures of many economic variables.
Shadowstats doesn’t come cheap: currently, an annual subscription costs $175.
Six years ago, an annual subscription cost … $175.”-Paul Krugman

“The odds on there being a bomb on your plane are 100,000 to 1
The odds, therefore, on there being two bombs on a plane are 10,000,000,000 to 1
For statistical safety, I ALWAYS carry a bomb with me.”
“”Legacy admission is a wonderful thing because it means even if you’re not as qualified as others you’re going to get that slight advantage.”
What this tells me is that I need to start smoking a lot more crack if I want to be a Supreme Court justice someday.”-Fräulein Nikki
“The affectation of being of, and fighting for “the little guy” has always been a false conceit of the left. Leftist political movements have always been bourgeois and elitist in character, while the right has been traditionalist and populist. (Has anyone ever actually met a working class Marxist? Does such a creature exist?)”-Michael Enoch
“It’s not just the wealthy who are job creators. I create jobs, too! Sometimes I go out and smash up cars with a baseball bat, which creates jobs for the auto body shop and insurance adjusters. Then I break into peoples’ houses and steal their DVD players, TV sets and computers, thus making jobs for security system companies and manufacturers of consumer electronics. Then I sell my newly-acquired goods at a nearby pawn shop, creating jobs for them. One time I even stabbed a guy in full view of a dozen people, and created jobs for 911 dispatchers, ambulance drivers, paramedics, ER doctors and morticians. Now as I type this from prison, having created more jobs for police, prosecutors, my defense attorney, and prison guards. I’ve even been publicly recognized for my contributions, on the evening news and America’s Most Wanted!”-CrunchyRay on the broken window fallacy
“As recently as 1980, China had a nominal per capita income a grand total of 2% that of the United States. Korean War veterans well enough to travel can today visit a country more affluent than the America they returned to in 1953.”-ArtDeco
“Since the Ferguson pogrom, we’ve been hearing much about how evil it is for whites to depart areas that are becoming increasingly nonwhite because that deprives the nonwhite newcomers of the institutional continuity and guidance of experienced whites. But it’s also evil for whites to stick around in areas that are becoming increasingly nonwhite and provide institutional continuity and guidance.”
Steve Sailer
““I like Obama,” he joyfully declared. “He’s not like them others (blacks). He speaks good, dresses good and acts good. And he seems to like India a lot.”
One can only wonder what kind of support Revs. Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson would garner among the Indian-American community if they ran as the Democratic presidential candidate.”-Palash Ghosh
“And when an angry white person talks at great length about how much he hates “white dudes”, he is not being humble and self-critical.”-Scott Alexander on leftist race-baiters
“Who the heck thinks it would be a good idea to say “Here’s a vague poorly-defined concept that mind-kills everyone who touches it – quick, should you associate it with positive affect or negative affect?!””-Scott Alexander on feminism
“Kagan and Sotomayor. Now there’s a couple of conservative jurists.”-Dennis on ludicrous claims that “Obama is a Republican”
“No man can serve two masters. What do they love more? Critical scholarship or faith?
Perhaps they believe their faith is strong enough to survive any reshaping that honest intellectual inquiry will demand. If so, one must wonder if they have pre-judged the outcome and conditions of their scholarly pursuits.”-Neil Godfrey
“You would think that drawing this parallel, however stupid it is, again and again would give them pause given what actually happened to the Amerindians.”-Michael Enoch on liberals comparing Pilgrims to present-day mestizo illegals
“So it seems if you call Lincoln a big government fascist, you get your head bitten off, and if you cast Lincoln as a small government conservative, you get mocked.”-Robert Murphy
“Muslims are no more a race than are Christians or Jews.”-Jerry Coyne
“The only way you can have upward mobility is if there’s somewhere to be upwardly mobile to. There cannot be upward mobility if there is total income equality. So the only way there can be upward mobility is if incomes are at least somewhat unequal. So the statement, “”Income Inequality Impairs The American Dream of Upward Mobility,” is definitely false.”-David Henderson
“An absurdity of negative interest rates is that negative output, i.e. wealth destroying output is then possible. Here is a simple (if silly) example. I borrow money at minus 3%. I buy 100 houses and knock down one of them just for fun. Then I sell the remainder a year later. Ignoring the costs of selling etc, and assuming the I sell the houses for the same price as I bought them, I make a profit!”-Ralph Musgrave

“This is what I mean when I refer to the “Conspiracy Theory of Economics,” people. Reasoning that goes something like: Rich People Buy Republicans -> Republicans Steal The People’s Money to give to Rich People (ignore the fact that it was the Rich People’s money in the first place) -> Rich People suddenly forget how to make money and crash the economy -> Rich People Profit somehow from not making money -> Rich People buy more Republicans.

You might notice this theory makes about as much sense as the world secretly being ruled by Jewish Reptile Men. That’s because it’s on about the same cognitive level.” –Andrew_FL
“We modern Marxists regard socialism as a historically brief transitional stage between feudalism and capitalism, necessary only in backward countries.”-John McCarthy
“God did not design human beings in accordance with Christian principles, fascist principles, feminist principles, socialist principles, romantic principles, secular humanist principles, vegetarian principles, deep environmentalist principles, biocentric principles, or libertarian principles. Any of these groups could have told God a thing or two.”-John McCarthy

“It was the not the Munich Conference in 1938 that caused WWII, it was the one at Versailles in 1919.
The only way that the Munich paradigm can be useful in neocon diplomacy is to keep propagating the misunderstanding of what actual happened in Czechoslovakia in 1938.”-Rossbach
“Ah, so that’s why Windows Server 2012 looks the way it does.”-MTEK on Metro being only for computer illiterates
“Yeah. It’s time economics left the marginal theory of value on the waste heap of history along with the labor theory of value, to make way for Krugman’s political theory of value. Central planning never seemed so sensible.”-vikingvista
““Also, if workers are purely rational and can negotiate such a contract, shouldn’t they prefer hours cuts to wage cuts? Working 1 hour at $5 an hour is preferable to working 2 hours at $2.50 an hour.”

Yes, sure, but the employer would certainly prefer the two hours for $2.50 if they could get it. Another employee would underbid the $5/hr. employee if labor were a typical market.”-Matt Waters
“Most people believe the opposite of Occam’s Razor: that the more complicated theory you hold, the smarter you are.”-Steve Sailer
“I remember one happy hour one of our more eccentric developers said: “people think they download off the internet when really, the internet is downloading us””-zoobear
“So, whites have to learn about other cultures because we live in a multicultural society. Blacks and Hispanics can’t learn about other cultures because it bores them and causes them not to learn.” –Terrahawk
“What’s the difference between Free Speech and Hate Speech?

Who is speaking at whom. Promoting hoaxes about straight white male gang rapists, for example, is, by definition, social justice, not hate speech. Writing your Harvard doctoral dissertation on psychometrics is, by definition, hate speech.”-Steve Sailer

“the notion of “six figure pay for a six hour day”, which is a slogan I just made up”-SPMoore8
“In other words, the fact that people weren’t getting shot up in the street by niggers because they could figure out how TOR and Coinbase worked made the crime even worse.”-Duke Godwin on Judge Forrest’s justification for her sentencing of Ross Ulbricht
“Of course Saudi citizens don’t feel the pinch of these huge expenses. Taxes in Saudi Arabia are zero-point-zero. That’s the deal the Saud family made with its people: “No taxation for no representation.””-The War Nerd
“Those riots are usually blamed for accelerating neighborhood segregation and white flight from the cities, but in most ethnic war, getting the enemy tribe out of your turf is the point, not an unwanted side effect. It was definitely, explicitly, the point of the previous generation of race riots in the US. These were white riots (Yeah, the fucking stupid Clash, don’t even get me started on those waterheads…)—real white riots, attacking any dark face they met, killing black and brown people in the nastiest ways they could.”-The War Nerd
“nailed it. Not a controversial statement. Gain popularity for your movement by chanting something that nearly everyone agrees with, then use that popularity to push through an agenda that is much more controversial, such as a white police officer should be charged regardless of what the evidence says.”-Rhino on “Black Lives Matter”
“One, as a matter of policy it’s a lot simpler to close the borders than it is to raise the birth rate of an entire race. Hell, it’s easier to create incentives for self-deportation than it is for Flukey femmes to get off the birth control.

Two, getting into a birthing war with the trash world’s wretched refuse is no way to build a city on a hill. However, it is a great way to despoil any remaining natural lands, exacerbate the animus generated by diversity to all-out war, and bankrupt social safety nets.

Three, we have fairly recent history to prove that America did just fine when she was 90% white and half the population she is today.”-CH
“”Pick almost any economic issue; inflation, recession, trade deficits, minimum wages, tax incidence, interest rates, exchange rates, etc., etc. The news media discussion of the issue usually bears about as much resemblance to cutting edge economic theory as an alchemy book does to modern chemistry.”

What most people don’t seem to realize is this applies to everything when it comes to media reports. Technology, Archeology, Medical Research, etc…”-Thomas Sewell
“The dead horses of economic theory have a habit of suddenly springing back to life again, which is why it is necessary to beat them even when they appear lifeless.” –George Selgin
“Socialism is the belief that governments can create shit out of thin air. It is closely followed by its child feminism – the unrealistic expectation that all men shall become gay.”-the Encyclopedia Dramatica
“Shhhhh. Nobody tell the WaPo that 80% of a certain flag is 13 stripes representing 13 slave-owning colonies. Shhhhh.”-Delong
“It’s been an enriching summer so far for the United States: men can declare themselves women, standard fuckparties are legal in all 50 states, Czechs living in Washington state are negroes, and a Confederate battle flag that shot and killed nine black people because of FBI table 43 has been taken down. But really, what all of this means taken together is that White people need another article telling them how to be a better cuck—I mean ally that recognizes the problematic problems of “whiteness” and works to help spread the gospel of equality and diversity, also known as gibsmedat and softcore balkanization.”-Lawrence Murray
“What this woman fails to understand is that she is asking for cultural welfare. That’s right, there are no black princesses (save for Tiana from the obviously pandering Frog Prince, which is one of Disney’s least popular offerings, no doubt because the characters are black). There are no black princesses in Disney because, well, because there are no black princesses. The concept of an archetypal European princess is part of our cultural tradition, not theirs. It sucks that POC generally and black people particularly lack the creative intelligence and cultural history to provide them with a mass of compelling characters and icons from which to draw a rich tradition of stories, myths, legends and folktales, but that is not our problem.”-Mike Enoch
“Wasn’t Atticus Finch a slut shamer and rape denier? Sounds like a privileged member of the patriarchy.”-Harry Baldwin, speaking in jest
“Their “problem” with ethnic diversity is not a lack of people with names like “Pao”.”-Harold on adventuress Ellen Pao and the phony complaints about lack of diversity in Silicon Valley
“I find Coates pretty comparable to another autodidact, Glenn Beck.” –Steve Sailer
“Poincare, You just hit on exactly why Coates is so popular among white liberal elites. He is no threat whatsoever to their status, but in fact solidifies it.”-meets
“Having a conversation” is SJW for “STFU.” –Steve Sailer
“CNN said yesterday that the Chattanooga shooter’s motive “still remains unknown.”

When Dylann Roof killed a bunch of people in a black church, they found pictures of him with a confederate flag and then everyone knew right away that the motive was racism!

Mohammad Yousef Abdulazeez became a devout Muslim, posted some stuff about jihad on the internet shortly before committing the crime, but somehow, unlike the clarity we had with Roof, Abdulazeez’s motive remains a big mystery.”-The Lion of the Blogosphere
“It’s also worth pointing out another contradiction: one of the key tenets of labor law theory, or at least the “hoi polloi” version of it, is that government intervention is required in labor markets because unequal bargaining power ensures that employees receive wages and working conditions that are somewhat below what the natural market price would be. If you look at macroeconomics, on the other hand, efficiency wage models point out that while it’s true that bargaining power arguments suggest a below-market-clearing equilibrium wage, asymmetric information arguments and morale arguments suggest an above-market-clearing equilibrium wage, and in fact the very existence of such large unemployment rates as we see, eg. during recessions, suggests that the above-market-clearing effects dominate. And thus we’re left with minimum wage advocates trying to artificially push wages upward while central bankers are trying to artificially push wages downward.”-Vlad
“Now I don’t trust the free market to preserve racial equality either. You can’t preserve what has never existed.”-David Henderson
“A specter is haunting the world. It is the specter of sloganeering.”-Gary North
“Caplan’s post is an illustration of a well-known phenomenon in psychology. People would rather choose $500 for sure over a 50% chance of getting $1000 and 50% chance of getting nothing. However, they’ll take the chance of losing $1000 or nothing over knowing for sure that they’ll lose $500.

Similarly, workers feel better taking the chance that they’ll be among the 5% laid off, instead of knowing for sure that their wage will be cut by 5%.”-Too Late
“The real purpose of altruism is to make the altruist feel good about themselves. Any benefit to the person being helped is incidental.”-Hazel Meade
“The real purpose of capitalism is to make money for the capitalist. Any benefit to the customer is incidental.” –Bernard Yomtov
““There are right now children in Syria who could have lives comparable to those of Kathy and Carol Fata.” (or Steve Jobs)

This argument is just as valid as:

Any one of those aborted babies could have grown up to be the next Einstein.” –Minority Bolshevism
“I guess Signor Solano and his wife, him with his throat slit and she with her neck broken, weren’t as photogenic as the little drowned Syrian child.

They are just as dead, though.”-John Derbyshire

“Advice to Mr. Orban: When talking to the American media, don’t say “our traditional Christian values,” say “our traditional Judeo-Christian values.”” –Steve Sailer
“In the land of the skunks, the man with half a nose is king!”-CombtMissionary
“It’s like there’s really just four candidates: Trump, Token Woman, Token Black guy, and Boring Establishment White Guy.” –Hazel Meade
“But we can check if a killing was an atrocity or for a good cause by checking who could do it. Syrian Air Force: atrocity, Russian air force: a matter of grave concern, NATO, good deed, KSA, let’s say it did not happen.” –Piotr Berman
“The reason, the president added, “that we did not just start taking a bunch of airstrikes all across Iraq as soon as ISIL came in was because that would have taken the pressure off of [Prime Minister Nuri Kamal] al-Maliki.””-Thomas Friedman
“When I mention this proposal to progressives they invariably say:

“Switzerland is a small homogenous country, its model is not applicable to the US.”

I then ask; so which model should the US copy? And they respond:

“Denmark” or “Sweden”

I usually spend the next 10 minutes rolling on the floor laughing, before pointing out that at least Switzerland has four different languages. They also have more immigrants than other European countries.” –Scott Sumner
“[rubber Robin Hanson mask] Racism is not about hate. [/rubber Robin Hanson mask]” –Nornagest
“If, after all these years, one still has to “argue” that Obamacare is “still” doing “OK,” you can be utterly assured that Barry’s signature legislation is a failure.”-The Other Jim
“If the key problem for African Americans was white racism, then they should do better the less contact they have with whites. But the reverse is true — African-Americans tend to do better the more they have contact with whites.” –Lorenzo from Oz
“Putin’s Russia is a harder place for vulture capitalists like the Chandlers and Browders to swoop in, extract a few quick hundred millions, and disappear with to Monaco or Dubai. Putin’s cronies don’t need them; they replaced them and pocketed the money for themselves. Therefore, Russia is a threat to western civilization.” –Mark Ames
“As Damon Runyon said:

“The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.””-Steve Sailer

“Curiously, those that claim to be most concerned about global warming often seem least happy that it hasn’t materialized as originally feared.”-BC

“NATO country shelling US allies who are fighting CIA-backed troops

Welcome to Syria motherfucker” –savto on the February 2016 Afrin Kurdish offensive against the rebel-held Azaz pocket. U.S. media condemned the government offensive on same pocket, but were eerily silent about the equally important Kurdish offensive and Turkish shelling against the Kurds.

“1. The other candidates do not attack Trump because he fights back, he’s mean about it (he’ll call you ugly and talk about your mother), and his insults will be amplified by the media. (see below)

2. The media do not attack Trump because advertisers like the ratings he gets. If your outlet doesn’t amplify his message, he’ll shut you out and use other outlets.

3. The party does not attack Trump because he is willing and able to run as an independent if the party impedes him. (Sorry, Daniel, but the party leaders are not that influenced by academic political scientists.)”


“Had Rubio been president in 1941, we would have gone to war with Stalin and Hitler at the same time. And maybe attacked Franco in Spain for good measure.” –Ian G

“To mangle a quote.

Trump is the worst buffoon except for all the others.”


“As jaded as I’ve become, even I’m having trouble digesting the reality that the quintessential example of American capitalism has no apprehensions about using the world’s most visible platform to proudly and uncritically endorse a lunatic Third Worldist tankie in front of its hundreds of millions of users, describing her murderous revolutionary cause in the most glowing liberal cant. AIACC. But the people at Google are not Marxists; they are liberals. What do they find so attractive about this specific individual? Sure, she was an antiracist activist, but it’s not like the United States has any shortage of antiracist activists who have no record of endorsing Osama bin Laden.” –Yakimi

“Many decisions which are good on the object level are not based in the constitution, and were not the Supreme Court’s to make.

And now liberals want to do more of that? They think they’ve shown restraint so far? God help us. Why even have elections any more, when all the real power is in an unelected council of 9?” –Outis

“America’s toxic gun culture is why we’re the ONLY industrialized nation in the world where Muslims shoot people en masse. Reform now!” -Conservative Pundit, June 12, 2016

“Unfounded rumors that some Republicans are going to replace Trump are just a repetition of the same nonsense that spread a month ago. It only heightens the media’s lack of credibility. It is similar to the claims that “the Assad regime will fall any minute now”. We have heard for the last five years and no one believes it. Unsourced claims that Trump asked why the U.S. can not use nukes are not credible. Especially when they are transported by a lowlife like MSNBC’s Scarborough and immediately denied. If true at all, the issues is likely taken out of context.” –Moon of Alabama

“The problem with elites is that they’re smarter than the average rube, and they know it, which is why they’ll never get the point. They’re smarter because they do read the journals the periodicals and the magazines. They’re “informed”. But being informed means no filter, i.e. direct from the prop machine. Which means that they are prime propaganda territory, not Joe the Plumber.

If you are an elite (you are) I want you to sit and think about that last line very hard, possibly for forever, and if you don’t understand it then never ever try and have any more power than you already do, you will fuck this world up otherwise.” –Lou Keep

“I don’t get it. What’s he saying, that the Third World doesn’t need to make stuff because Samsung sells cheap phones?
Well, cool, every single dude in Africa has a smartphone. He still doesn’t have a toilet, nor a proper house, nor a job. Isn’t that what development used to be about? Have they redefined that to mean having a facebook account?” –Spandrell

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